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Ta Dah… Kip Reviews Our All-New IVVI Pushchair!

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Drum roll please… Introducing the brand new and exclusive IVVI, the multi-mode pushchair with design in its DNA. Dad blogger Kip puts it through its paces.

Kiddicare sent me their newest travel system, the Nuna IVVI, to try out with our 18 month old J. We normally take him around in a lightweight stroller which is handy for nipping to the shops or travelling around London, but for long days out or walks in the woods, the tiny tyres and meagre shopping basket just aren’t up to scratch. Cue… the rather impressive IVVI!

J in his new IVVI

It all comes in one big box, minimal assembly required. The IVVI is a substantial set of wheels, but not and big and clunky. It’s made of aluminium, making it strong, yet light, and the tyres are all foam filled, so there’s no chance of getting a flat. The wheels have a clever progressive suspension for a smooth journey at all times, and, something of a rarity in this class of pushchair is that the seat unit DOESN’T need to be removed to fold it up, you can keep it together, which saves boot space. All the wheels have a quick release mechanism so you can take them off if need be to make it that little bit smaller for your car boot.

I must admit the Mrs Kip was a bit unsure of its size to start with. It’s quite a departure from our tiny stroller but the difference is immediate. You can feel it as you push it around, it glides gracefully, and is buttery smooth, also the raised seat means J isn’t so close to the floor so other people’s shopping bags don’t batter him as we go round the shops. Also having the option of having the seat rear or forward facing is fantastic, he’s been a bit poorly lately and very grumpy, so being able to face us as we walk round, and wipe his snotty nose as and when is good. It has a one handed five position recline, and something that is fairly unique, a fully flat recline. The hood is also very generous, so it’s easy to keep the sun / light out when they are having a snooze.

Gorgeous baby J in his IVVI

Something I really love about the stroller seat on the IVVI is the fact you can adjust the height of the shoulder straps easily, there’s no need to re-thread the straps and you can alter the height with one hand. At this time of year, it was fab to have the matching footmuff, it’s kept J warm and snuggly at all times, although I’m not convinced the cream fabric on the inside is the best for muddy shoes! It’s all washable though, so it’s not the end of the world and I have to admit, it does look fabulous.

The handle is height adjustable for the smallest or largest of parents, and it can easily be pushed and manouvered with one hand (this is something that’s very important to me!) It has a MASSIVE shopping basket at the bottom that is strong and sturdy, and importantly is easy to get to, no matter what ‘mode’ the stroller is in. You can see from the picture just how much shopping you can cram into the bottom, it’s INSANE! The shopping basket also has a pop up divider if you need to keep your bits and pieces separate.

IVVI goes shopping

The IVVI is a stunning stroller – it’s ideal for a newborn, right up to 18kg, approx 3-4 years. It’s beautifully crafted and just feels rugged and well made. It comes with adaptors to fit a Nuna car seat directly onto the frame, or you can choose the carrycot option that will allow your newborn to lie flat. There are lots of fabulous little special extras that show the designers have really thought about what parents need. The carrycot has a ‘secret’ compartment at the foot end that is great for storing your keys, or your phone safely away, it’s also removable too if you want to make more room for baby. The hood of the carrycot has a ‘dream drape’ that can be pulled out and fixes either side with hidden magnets, and it tucks away into the hood when not in use.

I think the only aspect of the IVVI I’ve struggled with is the harness, I’m not sure there is quite enough adjustment in the waist for a child of J’s size, the shoulder and groin straps seem to just about counteract this though, so it’s not the end of the world. The no-tangle aspect of the harness is both a blessing and a pain too, these are becoming more common on ALL strollers, and whilst it’s great for getting the child out quickly, they can be a bit fiddly for getting a stropping toddler strapped down when putting them back in! It’s also probably worth heading to your local Kiddicare store to check it will fit in your boot, we’ve got an estate car, so the IVVI and shopping fits easily, if you’ve got a hatchback, definitely check!

I must admit I’ve had lots of positive comments about the styling of the stroller, lots of mums have asked what it is, and where we got it, it really is a lovely product. Whilst the IVVI isn’t cheap, it’s a well made, and thoughtfully designed travel system that will see your newborn from their first ride, until they’ve finished strolling.

The IVVI is available exclusively at Kiddicare and comes in either Caviar or Safari, price £600.

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