Second Skin maternity lingerie

The Best Nursing & Maternity Bras

This week The Perfect Pair turn their attention to maternity lingerie. Between them they’ve breastfed six babies so they know a thing or two about the bra game.

The Perfect Pair write: Ladies, whether you intend to breastfeed or not, you need to prepare your pregnant body for changes to your boobies. Even before the moment you do the all important wee-on-the-stick, your body has made changes to your hormones and your boobs will never be the same again, so it’s vital that you look after them.

Old school thinkers suggest that an underwire is a big fat no no. However recent research suggests there is no evidence to support not wearing an underwire. We are sat on the fence… ahem wire… about this. Personal choice for both of us was to go wireless through pregnancy and post partum.

Ultimately your boobs will grow and change shape so having a regular bra fit/size check can only be a good thing. Supportive, well fitting bras are a necessity to avoid the dreaded monoboob or that fiasco known as the ‘4 boob’. Here at Kiddicare, we’ve just increased our in-store maternity range and we’re now excited to share with you that not only do we sell maternity and breastfeeding bras, but members of staff are fully trained to measure and fit you – in an actual fitting room! Happy days!

As usual TMI coming up. A well fitted bra will have a snug ‘band’ underneath your breasts, that is straight all the way round your ribs. This is where the numerical part of your fit comes in – for example I’m a 34. I’m a 34B to be precise and the ‘B’ measurement refers to my cup size, and this is measured all the way round to include your nipples.

Nat, one of the in-store fitters at Hedge End, says that the most important thing is comfort. ‘You can do the fit and rattle off measurements, but if the bra isn’t comfy, it’s pointless’. Hell yes! We hear you Nat! Our two fave in store brands are ‘Amoralia’ and ‘Emma-Jane’. Let’s look at these brands Mummas, and make a list of must haves.

Our fave Amoralia bra is known as the ‘Second Skin’ bra (see main pic, £30) and is so soft you can wear it in the very early days when your breasts are at their most tender. These bras also have hidden pockets for popping absorbent breast pads in (if you’re feeling the gush..!) and come in a variety of colours, all with matching briefs. We also love this Essential Nursing Nightdress – perfect for your hospital bag. And check out the Cupcake Nursing Bra – how cute?

Cupcake Nursing Bra in peuter

Cupcake Nursing Bra in peuter, £35

Essential Nursing Nightdress £45

Essential Nursing Nightdress £45

Next, Emma-Jane – we’re so super friendly with this brand we’re going to refer to it as EJ going forward. EJ offer sleep bras, maternity bras with matching briefs and feeding vest tops. Comfy zzzzzzzs. Sleeping in bras – for some of you this will become a life saver. Whilst you are remembering to sleep on your left with a cushion between your knees you now need to think about wearing a comfy bra to bed… yet again a million miles away from your thought process when you first saw those 2 lines appear!! The briefs are all that super comfy ‘over bump’ variety with a cotton gusset to allow baby lots of room to grow. All of the feeding tops and bras come with clips to allow easy feeding access.

Emma Jane Sleep Bra, £16

Emma Jane Sleep Bra, £16

Emma Jane Nursing Vest

Emma Jane Nursing Vest

Comfy boobs is a boobalicious place to start. Happy boobs y’all.

Find your nearest Kiddicare store for a bra fitting or to shop Emma Jane and Amoralia. And if you’re in the Southampton area, pop into Kiddicare Hedge End-store and ask for Vikki or Sarah, the legends that are The Perfect Pair.