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The best thing about pregnancy is…

Mum-of-two and social media supremo Carol outreached to the blogerati with the question “what’s the best thing about pregnancy?”



I have to say being pregnant is not one of my favourite things. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mum but if pregnancy could be a little shorter that would be fine by me. It wasn’t plain sailing for me either times, what with gestational diabetes and all the other pregnancy related niggles. Having said that there are a few aspects of pregnancy that I really miss like my baby kicking me, the excitement of the scans, knowing that I’d soon have a baby to hold in my arms and love forever… and rocking my bump!

Carol rocks her bump


I was interested to know what other mums loved about being pregnant so I put the question to them (which led to some asking if I was pregnant again. Answer: “No I’m not!”) Here’s what they said:


Feeling your baby move. oh and the end! finally finishing the 9 month jail term! Kim Cohen


Always having something to look forward to Dawn Raymond


The way my body changed, I loved my bump Becky Gower


Your very own central heating – people being happy and talking to you – the kicks, I loved them! Natalie Trice


Not having to hold your stomach in? Emily Leary


The feeling of never being alone because you have a lil person with you always x Danii Bridge Clark


Big boobs x Kirsty Brown


Feeling them move! Nikki Ruttley


Baby hiccups, somewhere to rest your cuppa or book (despite it getting kicked off! ), the wonder of the older siblings watching their new baby grow, being able to protect your baby from the outside world and keep them all to yourself. Karen North


Not worrying your tummy looks big! Fiona Cambouropoulos


Feeling the kicks and watching my belly make waves with the movement … oh how I miss that @rachel_cosahm


Eating everything in sight and getting away with it (for a short time at least)! @actingtheparty


Having your stomach turn into its own little party x loved my baby’s movements x @83fairyClaire


Being needed :0) @raisechildrens


Apart from the baby obvs, my hair, skin and nails were in amazing condition! @Jssccaa


Ok, so not for everyone… But for me it was the weightloss! I loss 12kg! @Becca_Masters


growing a mini me! What could be cooler? Eating lots! Knowing the months of heartache, prodding & poking, injections & waiting is OVER :-) I could go forever. Loved being pregnant. Can you tell? ;-) @AmandaJBishop


When you can feel them move around especially when going to bed and it’s all quiet and warm! @mummy_madness1


What do you love about being pregnant?


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