Beautiful in pregnancy

Top 10 Ways to Feel Beautiful in Pregnancy

Our friends Bloom and Blossom, the beauty brand loved by the Duchess of Cambridge, share their top ten tips for being beautiful in pregnancy.

1) Look after your skin

Your skin goes through a lot during pregnancy, so it’s worth investing in some anti-stretch mark products. It’s best to start using them before those silvery lines appear as they’re much harder to cure than prevent. Try to choose a natural product – at Bloom and Blossom we steer clear of nasties such as parabens, petroleum, sodium laureth, sodium laurel sulphate (sls), xenoestrogen, phthalates, artificial colourants, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, harsh detergents or other toxic ingredients. We’d recommend applying our Anti-Stretchmark Cream or Oil as soon as you get the great news that you’re pregnant – and use daily until after you’ve given birth.

Anti-stretch mark cream2) Get your face on

Okay, so you may be exhausted, you may not recognise your own body, you may not even be able to put your own shoes on – but if you’re used to wearing make-up then a touch of mascara or a slick of lippy can do wonders for your confidence. Plus, most women find that their hair looks healthier and thicker than ever. It’s not that you’re growing more, just that due to pregnancy hormones you’re losing less – so make the most of those beautiful locks!

3) Hit the snooze button

Not as easy as it sounds if you already have children, but try to get as much rest as you can. If you’re finding it hard to get comfy in bed, popping one pillow under your bump and another between your legs can make sleeping on your side a little more comfortable. It’s best to avoid large meals or spicy food late at night, although a high-protein snack such as scrambled eggs can help to keep your blood sugar levels up whilst you snooze. And if an active mind is keeping you awake, deep breathing, visualisation techniques or relaxation podcasts can all help send you off the to the land of nod.

4) Keep hydrated 

You don’t need to drink more water than usual when you’re pregnant, just make sure that you get the recommended daily amount. As you’re drinking for two, those eight glasses a day are even more important. Not only will they help your blood cells absorb all the nutrients you’re consuming so you can pass them on to your precious cargo, they’ll also combat dry, itchy skin by hydrating it from the inside. Plus drinking plenty of liquids will keep water retention under control and stop you becoming too puffy and swollen.

5) Take time out

Relaxation is key when you’re pregnant – don’t forget you’re growing a little person in there, a hard enough job without everything else you have to get done in the day. Taking time out for yourself is as important as eating well and staying fit, and one of the best ways to do this is to take a bath or have a massage. We’re really rather partial to a relaxing soak using our Indulgence Bath Oil – it’s pregnancy safe, and even better, it’s 100% natural and moisturising as well.

Indulgence bath oil

6) Spoil yourself

We’re big fans of spoiling yourself during pregnancy. A simple manicure or pedicure can give you a real confidence boost, especially as pregnancy hormones can make your nails grow faster and become more brittle. Or try a facial to enhance that famous pregnancy glow, caused by an increase in blood volume in the third trimester. Just make sure that any beauty professional you go to knows you’re expecting.

7) Keep yourself fit

Whether you exercised regularly or not at all before you got pregnant, keeping yourself fit and healthy when you’re expecting is a sure-fire way to stay beautiful throughout your pregnancy. From yoga or aqua-aerobics to regular walks round your local park, it’s recommended that you get around 30 minutes of moderate exercise on most days. Sounds odd, but you’ll actually have more energy, plus the endorphins you’ll release will do their bit to help you look and feel fabulous.

8) Make the most of your curves

Okay, so some days you might feel the size of the house. But look at it this way – this might just be the only time in your life when you don’t feel the need to hold in your stomach. So embrace your bump, celebrate your shape, and show off that cleavage . Go on, work those curves!

9) Update your wardrobe

It’s tempting to try and squeeze into your old clothes for as long as possible – it can seem an unnecessary expense to splash out on maternity outfits when you only need them for such a short time. But we really recommend buying a few pieces which are designed around your growing bump – having a pair of well-fitting maternity jeans or bump embracing dress that makes the most of your shape will give your confidence a boost and help you really enjoy this wonderful time in your life.

10) Put your feet up

Having swollen ankles and feet can be one of the most uncomfortable aspects of your pregnancy. Putting your feet up above heart level as often as you can will help to reduce swelling (we’re thinking more lying down with your feet propped on a couple of pillows rather than standing on your head…). A cooling spray can also help – our Revitalising Leg and Foot Spray comes in a handy 100ml bottle so can be used on a flight or popped in your bag for use throughout the day.

Leg spray

Bloom and Blossom was founded by sisters-in-law, Christina Moss and Julia Yule in 2008, with the vision of creating a sophisticated, natural skincare range, suitable for pregnancy and baby. Space.NK launched the brand nationwide in 2010 and it’s now available across the UK’s leading retailers. Having three young children between them and still being a ‘two woman show’, they live and breathe the brand, learning every step of the way.

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