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Top 10 products to help babies sleep

It’s 3am but your little one reckons it’s party time. Sleep deprivation… oh cruel torture! Now we can’t promise 12 hours of instant shut-eye, but we can suggest ten customer favourites for sleepytime success.

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How to settle your baby to sleep Know-how

7 failsafe tips for settling your baby to sleep

Rebecca Welton is a mum of two, author of Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques and a qualified sleep practitioner. Is your little one keeping you up at night? Read on for for tips from a mum who’s been there (and – literally – written the book).


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ADHD-part-3 Your stories

Part 3 of a journey into ADHD: prejudice

“When I was a kid they didn’t call it behavioural disorder. They called it being a little brat”. Rachel, whose son is diagnosed with a “behavioural disorder” responds….

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10 things you didn’t know about the IVVI pushchair

IVVI is the multi-mode pushchair with design in its DNA. It’s new, it’s exclusive, it’s just a little bit fabulous. Now this is a seriously stylish set of wheels, but read on to discover there’s more to it than just good looks…


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Inspirational Parents Love this

Announcing Kiddicare’s Inspirational Parents

Every parent is an inspiration. It’s one of the toughest jobs there is, but also one of the most rewarding. Today we launch Kiddicare’s Inspirational Parents, a celebration of the incredible journey that is parenthood.


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Introducing inspirational parent Katie Piper

Introducing Katie Piper. Truly an iconic figure, Katie is now eight months pregnant with her first child. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her hopes and fears for her baby daughter, plus ginger biscuits, morning sickness and why she can’t go a day without a chocolate milkshake (or three).


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Introducing Inspirational Parent Claire Young

Say hello to Claire. Mum to the gorgeous Eva aged 2, single parent, Apprentice finalist, entrepreneur, businesswoman, public speaker, and ardent campaigner for young people to get involved with enterprise. A woman with incredible energy and vision, meet Claire.


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Introducing inspirational parent Dame Sarah Storey

Meet Sarah: mum to seven month-old Louisa, she’s also quite handy on a bike, in fact she’s Britain’s most decorated female Paralympian having scooped a stunning total of 11 gold medals, four at the London Paralympics in 2012. Not many women combine training for Rio 2016 with breastfeeding. Sarah does…

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Introducing Dribble Stop Tops

We love entrepreneurial mums so we’re delighted to introduce Dribble Stop Tops – the genius vest that keeps little dribblers cosy and dry – newly available in-store at Kiddicare.

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Learn how to crochet

Crochet lends itself perfectly to cold, dark winter evenings. All you need is some yarn and a hook and you can get started. Mummy Limited gives us a few basics to get you started. Follow her steps and you’ll be making scarves, clothes and even blankets for your little one in no time!


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