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Announcing Kiddicare’s Inspirational Parents

Every parent is an inspiration. It’s one of the toughest jobs there is, but also one of the most rewarding. Today we launch Kiddicare’s Inspirational Parents, a celebration of the incredible journey that is parenthood.


Joining us on our Inspirational Parents adventure are three amazing ambassadors: campaigner and TV presenter Katie Piper, paralympian Dame Sarah Storey and Apprentice finalist Claire Young. These Inspirational Parents are just that: real women juggling real lives, real children and real careers. And doing it brilliantly. In fact, these women are a force to be reckoned with. 


Over the next 12 months we’ll be working closely with Katie, Sarah and Claire – sharing in their lives as they navigate the business of parenting. They’ll be joining us in-store for events, writing for our blog, tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming and joining live Q&As on all things parenting. We promise honest, from-the-heart tales from the parenting frontline – no holds barred.


Behind the scenes with Katie

Behind the scenes with Katie

Katie’s first baby is due in March and we can’t wait for her newborn updates. Sarah, mum to seven month old Louisa, is now in full-time training for Rio 2016 – and breastfeeding too. Go Sarah! Single mum to Eva, Claire runs her own businesses and works tirelessly to empower young people in enterprise. She’s also navigating the dating scene – watch this space!


Sarah, Louisa, Claire and Eva

Sarah and Louisa meet Claire and Eva!


But Inspirational Parents isn’t just about these three women. ALL parents are inspirational, that’s why, later this year we’ll be launching our Inspirational Parent of the Year Award where you get the chance to nominate the mum or dad that truly amazes and inspires you.


We hope you’ll join us on our journey. We’re looking forward to it!


All set for our Inspirational Parents shoot

All set for our Inspirational Parents shoot


Be sure to read our exclusive interviews with our three Inspirational Parents: Katie, Sarah and Claire and stay firmly in the know by following our #inspirationalparents on Twitter.


  1. Nicholas Neveling

    I just don’t get this

    What makes a bunch of celebrities particularly inspirational as parents? Giving advice on how to guide your infant through a photo shoot? How to build up a database of nannies to look after little one when you are at all those red carpet events? How to pose with your baby bump for the Daily Mail? A Q&A with one of these people sounds like one of the most pointless exercises ever. If you have to create “baby events” how about Q&As with proper professionals who can actually add value – midwives, doctors, health visitors. I guess they just aren’t as glamorous

    The campaign is so tacky. We get plied with celebrity pap 24/7. Do we really need it to bleed into child rearing too?

    You provide a good service and access to a great range of products. Please invest more in that and less in this PR nonsense.

    • Annonymous

      I think it is a really good idea and cannot wait.. They are all a real inspiration and especially Katie Piper, once upon a time, she thought that she could not have children. For anyone who thinks otherwise is a fickle individual and should just go and do one back to their miserable negative lives that they clearly lead to have such a negative comment on such an icon of inspiration.

  2. Lois Ledder

    A good idea in principle but I would have liked to see a parent of multiples. As a mum of twins, I don’t feel I can relate to any of your inspirational parents.

  3. Kiddicare

    Many thanks for your comments.

    @Nicholas, I did reply via email and hope you received my response. We value all feedback – positive or negative – but would stress that the reason we chose these women as Inspirational Parent ambassadors is precisely because of their grit – not glamour. Each of these women has a story to tell, each of these women is incredibly strong and and each of these women juggles parenthood with the demands of their career. And in answer to your comment about ‘real’ parenting events, rest assured we offer these too – both via our online channels and in all our 11 stores.

    Coming soon is an interview with another inspirational parent Jack Monroe, anti-poverty campaigner, journalist, blogger and single parent.


  4. Sarah

    Are you missing an opportunity to have an inspirational parent who is a man? The prime readership of this blog might be women (?), but the majority of the women will be watching a man in their life make the transition as a parent and would probably welcome the inference that it wasn’t entirely up to them to be the only one who was an ‘inspirational parent’.

  5. Kiddicare

    Thanks very much for taking the time to comment on our campaign. We hear you. Of course Dads and other male figures play a huge role in raising our children. We’ll be looking out for additional parents from our community (including dads) to be a part of this campaign. We hope you’ll support the search and maybe make some nominations for inspirational dads, uncles, granddads etc too!

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