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Introducing Dribble Stop Tops

We love entrepreneurial mums so we’re delighted to introduce Dribble Stop Tops – the genius vest that keeps little dribblers cosy and dry – newly available in-store at Kiddicare.


Emma and Tracy are the brains behind the genius Dribble Stop Top. Between them they have six little boys (yep six!) so they know a thing or two about babies – especially ones that dribble!

Emma and Tracy

Emma and Tracy


So where did the inspiration for Dribble Stop Tops come from? Emma says “Jude was my fourth baby and a champion dribbler. Within an hour of getting him dressed, he was soaked to his skin and ended up with a red and sore chest – which I inevitably felt really guilty about. My days were spent constantly changing his clothes or trying to sneak a bib around his neck but Jude was a ‘tugger’. Whenever I tried to put a bib onto him he would tug at it until the pesky bib was off. Believe me, I tried every distraction I could think of to keep it on.”


Baby Jude in a Dribble Stop Top

Baby Thomas in a Dribble Stop Top


“My friend Tracy’s first son Adam was a dribbler too – we thought that there must be something out there that could help… but after scouring the internet we realised there wasn’t. So there and then, we sat down and decided to design something that would help.


One of the first things we did was sit and make a list of everything that was important to us when designing our top (stuff that only Mums think about!) These are also our reasons that we think you should buy our Dribble Stop Top – so here they are…


1. Must keep baby’s chest dry all day

Our Dribble Stop Top has an integrated waterproof (but breathable) pocket hidden inside the chest area of our tops (we liked to call this ‘the dribble zone!’) This Dribble Stop protection helps stop the dribble soaking through to the delicate skin on your baby’s chest, keeping them dry throughout the day. Our tops also have a unique extra high neckline ensuring maximum coverage and protection of the ‘dribble zone’.


2. Must be comfortable for baby to wear

An uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby so our Dribble Stop Tops are made from high quality 100% soft cotton interlock. The waterproof pocket is lined with the same cotton interlock so the only material in contact with your baby’s skin is soft, cosy and comfy.


3. Nothing around baby’s neck to tug at

Our protection is built into our tops so nothing is tied around your baby’s neck for them to tug at. They are totally unaware that they are being protected. This also means that our tops are safe for continuous use. Brilliant for those nursery days and maybe even more importantly, safe for sleep and nap times. Now you can put your baby down to sleep knowing that their dribble soaked chests will not be the cause of them waking up early.


4. Must be able to be tumble dried

May seem a bit extreme, but to us, this was a necessity. We all know how frustrating it is in the winter, when our radiators seem to be lined up with bib after bib, but we also all know what happens to most bibs when they are accidently tumble dried! Also, we always want our little ones clothes to be soft and cosy and nothing keeps your clothes as soft as tumble drying them. So yes, our Dribble Stop Tops can be tumble dried – hurrah!


5. Must be discreet and look good

Yes we know this isn’t as important as keeping their chests dry, but how many of us look back at our baby photos and groan when we see all the cute outfits covered up with bibs? So we made our Dribble Stop Tops look like regular baby vests, that way nobody knows your baby’s wearing one. They come in white and cute stripes and can be worn on their own or as a vest under an outfit.


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  1. Kirsten Dobinson

    Teething baby makes for a dribbly baby!!! Need to catch all those waterfalls! Lol :-) :-D :-) size 6-9 please!! Fingers crossed

  2. Lisa Edwards

    I’d love one for my son as he dribbles constantly! I get through about 8 dribble bibs a day! If I won I would need an 18-24 month top please :-)

  3. Vicky lowther

    My poor little man is suffering so much with teething, me constantly having to change his top as its soaked is another pain for him! Would love to try anything that would help! Plus i can show it to all the mums at baby group!! Size 9-12 please :)

  4. Lindsay stevens

    Having gone from a baby to now a toddler who has always been a constant dribbler & who still has to where a bib everyday I would love to try these, so me me me please (oh & for Teddy too of course :) Size 18-24months would be fab x

  5. Stephanie Pinnock

    I would love to try one for my daughter she dribbles alot and use so many bibs per day trying to keep her dry but she still manages to get fully wet. Need 3-6 month’s :-) I’m sure I will still be covered in dribble lol

  6. elizabeth duhig.

    i am a grandma that would love to have a dribblestoptop for my little granddaudhter who lives in switzarland

    i am a grandma who would love a dribblestop top for my little granddaughter who lives in switzarland,cause mummy cant get any in switzarland,she could then go to mum and baby class to show it of and hopefully someone over there may like to try them out .size 9-12 please .


  7. Katie Deakin

    My little boy has reflux as well as being a dribbler. I am constantly changing & washing clothes and well as changing and moisturising his sore little chest :( 3-6 month size please x

  8. Rachel Edwards

    I would love to try one on my little boy, he is always dribbling. 3-6 months xx

  9. Stuart Prince

    I’m 29 years old & I still dribble when I sleep so in 5 months time when my baby arrives he is likely to be a big dribbler! I would therefore love some dribble stop tops for my future little one. Size 0-3 months please

  10. amanda ridyard

    Harry is nearly 6 months and has just started dribbling profusely :( he has started to sport a lovely red chin now aswel. Poor lamb. 6-9m pls fingers crossed xx

  11. Jo Hadden

    A Dribble Stop Vest/Bib sounds amazing but also so good to be true!! Really need one to try it out then will buy the lot

  12. Kristel Clarke

    Wha a brilliant invention ladies! Well done! I have a four year old and would have loved this with her! I have a new baby due in 2 weeks and would love size 0-3 for all them dribbling moments :o ) all babies dribble so will be great to keep their chest free from wet and rashes! x

  13. Kim Ward

    I have seen these advertised and they look really good. Would love one in either 12-18 or 18-24 months please x

  14. Faye Phillips

    What an amazing product! I’d love some in 3-6 months for my gorgeous niece who I look after for my sister.

  15. Vicki hooper

    Was looking at these on you tube other day and was thinking I could really use them for my dribbly twins. They are constantly wet from dribble and sick, does it ever end?!! 6-9 months pretty please :)

  16. Sara Sheldon

    My little man has just started the dreaded teething @ knuckle gnawing so dribble dribble everywhere! 3-6 months would be wonderful

  17. Cath C

    Dribble, dribble, blow bubbles, dribble, dribble, smile … then repeat! That’s my day, everyday, with my teething little girl. Sounds like a fantastic solution – we’d love to try them! 6-9 months please, fingers crossed.

  18. If I won I would love size 3-6 please

  19. Nat

    Wd love to try 12-18 :)

  20. tina oreilly

    would love one of these,what a brilliant invention can only have come from a woman

  21. Piyumi

    My son and I would really appreciate one. What a wonderful idea and creation. Wish I had thought of it.
    Size 12-18 if possible please x

  22. Rachael

    All my boy does is dribble from the minute he wakes up till he goes to bed. This is perfect and such a great idea. Size 9-12 months please will last up until summer when (hopefully) he doesn’t dribble so much!

  23. Sarah neal

    For a dribbly baby morning noon and night!! 18-24 please please please! Let’s stop the constant washing and drying, with 5 children it means alot! Xxxx

  24. Chantelle

    Because my little one is a trend setter and once I show this off to my friends they will all be queuing up to buy it for their little ones.
    Size 0-3 please

  25. Elizabeth Stitt

    I have a dribbler, would love to try out this new invention! Size 3-6 months please.

  26. Nicola Jones

    I have a 2 year old that dribbled constantly and this would have been ideal as she suffered badly with rashes on her chest :-( I now have an 8 week old son and in preparation for teething would love to win 6-9 month old one please! :-)

  27. katy

    My son has eczema which is only made worse by his teething dribble (I’ve never seen so much drool!) And he has reflux too, so his spit is very acidic. Anything to stop his little chest from being so sore would be great – he’s strong enough to pull most bibs off too! He’s currently in 6-9m clothes.

  28. Jenna Yardy

    I am a mum of 6 month old twin boys as well as a 4 year old son and loveable daddy that sometimes seems just as mature! Please send me some of these marvelous inventions… You mave just save me from going insane changing and washing 450 bibs and vests a week!! Thank you :)

  29. Natasha Hosking

    Amazing ladies fab idea, my son suffer so much with chest infections I think to do with how wet his chest gets from this. I defo must have for every parent. 9-12 months please of I were to win

  30. Farwah

    Our family has this peculiar God gifted dribbling habits. I am due soon and would love size 0-3 months for those definite dribbling moments :D

  31. Claire ODonohue

    I live in storm battered Cornwall so there’s no chance of keeping clothes dry at the moment…and as my little one has discovered sticking her hand in her mouth and dribbling everywhere she’s adding to the wet clothes pile each day! Size 3-6 months would be fab for this great design :)

  32. Jenny

    My little 6 month old dribbles so much, we go through 6+ bibs a day! I have been searching and searching for something like this – amazing invention!!! I hope we win! 6-9 months please xxxx

  33. Vicki Bithell

    Wow! Well this is the best invention I’ve heard of in ages. Like yourselves my son is a champion dribbler been teething since 6 weeks and he’s now 15 months. He’s always soaking and having to change him 8-10 a day! If I won I’d need a size 12-18 months please!

  34. Jenna Yardy

    Ooh they are also in 9-12 month vests xx

  35. Emily Clark

    Please please help!!! Dexter is 6 months old and soooo much dribble! A bib can sometimes only last 10 minutes and so many wet clothes too. This would be a massive help :-) 6-9 months x

  36. I would love one of these for my daughter she constantly manages to soak through a bib and onto her top sometimes through to her vest! Fantastic new invention!! Size 9-12months pretty please

  37. peiyee yau

    I would love one for my son. Hes constantly dribbling and pulling his bibs off even the bandana ones! This is would be perfect for him nomore clothes drenched with dribble.

  38. Stephanie Turner

    12-18 months please :) x

  39. kirsty

    My daughter has worn dribble bibs since birth! I would love her to have a photo without looking like a cowboy! Haha. Shes 8months, wearing 9-12 :)

  40. Charlie Ryan

    Sounds fab! After two dribble babies I’m expecting no. 3 to be as bad! Would love 3-6 months ready for the onslaught of teething troubles x x

  41. Alexandria Bitmead

    My baby doesnt stop dribbling, no matter how many times a day i change him which is at least 5 times. I go through endless bibs which are now no good to me. I would love to try the dribble bib out on my son. Size 6-9 please. Thank you xx

  42. peiyee yau

    I would love one for my son. Hes constantly dribbling and pulling his bibs off even the bandana ones! This is would be perfect for him nomore clothes drenched with dribble. 9-12months

  43. Amy Pearson

    My 5 month old boy is an Olympic dribbler. He has tons of cute and cool tops that we have to hide with bibs which he manages to turn into a cape and inevitably drools all over the place. We would LOVE one of these! Such a genius idea.

  44. Nicola denny

    I have a dribbler baby girl. What a great idea. Size 9-12 please.

  45. Lisa Fodder

    wow what an excellent invention, I have an 11 month old and this past week he has cut 2 teeth and has another 2 just coming through, he’s been dribbling terribly and it’s also given him a nasty cold to go with it, something like this would be fantastic!

    well done ladies! :D x

  46. Claire

    Great idea I would love 3-6 or 6-9 months for my daughter as she keeps putting her hands in her mouth and dribbling lots many thanks x

  47. Sam Dixon

    My 5 month old daughter is cutting 4 teeth at once so it’s a dribble fest all day and night :-( I would love nod of these as she won’t keep bibs on and we go thru so many shirts a day! Age 6-9 months pls xx

  48. Helen Thomson

    My first was a champion dribbler and at 5.5 months my second looks like he’s going to be too! A 6-9 months one would be well used!!

  49. Jamieleigh

    3-6 been teething since 2 months still no sign on teeth just dribble :(

  50. Vicki Moss

    I have a 4 1/2 month old baby boy who is constantly dribbling. Within minutes of being changed he can be soaked. He likes to suck on his hand too and gets wet threw. Bibs just get in his way and move about around his neck. I would love to try a Dribble Stop Top, he is in 6-9mths thank you :-)

  51. Dribbly teething raspberry blower lol age 6-9 months please :)

  52. Amy Macdonald-Heaney

    Wow what an amazing idea! My first was a HUGE dribbler and my second is becoming one to with those teeth on their way. I seem to spend my days changing soaked bibs, babygrows and vests! I would love one for him (size 6-9) to keep him nice and dry.

  53. Coralyn

    My 5 month old daughter is constantly chewing on her hands and dribbling. 6-9 please

  54. Laura Hall

    Teething baby with reflux!! Enough said! 18-24 please x

  55. sarah

    My little man is just starting his dribble stage and as the only little man in the house with lots of aunties to cuddle dribbles and a wet chest is not a good look for any of them especially my boy x would love to keep him dry with one of these :-D 3-6 months

  56. Penny Foster

    My little man is suffering with eczema especially on his face so one less thing to worry about with his dribbling would be fantastic. Still waiting for the first tooth but can’t be far away with all that dribble! 3-6 or 6-9 please. Thank you.

  57. Katie Hill

    I have a big 5 month old boy who has been chewing his fists and dribbling for weeks now. He started dribbling in his sleep today :-( size 6-9 months please.

  58. Nicki Pickford

    What a great idea! My son has been an Olympic dribbler since birth and with more teeth coming in by the minute this would be perfect. We currently go through dribble bibs like they’re going out of fashion. Size 12-18 months would be perfect x

  59. Sophie Davies

    My little girl has got her first teeth coming through and has turned into a dribble machine! We must get through at least 10 dribble soaked bibs a day so this would be a perfect solution :) a size 6-9 months would be great!

  60. Lesley Wybrow

    My little grandson dribbles like a tap! This vest would keep him so much drier and less sore! I’d love a 6-9 months or 9-12 month size please. I’d especially like to win on the 4th March as it’s a big birthday for me!

  61. Danielle Rucastle

    With no 3 due in 3 months I know how hard it can be to keep ontop of the dribble especially with two toddlers running around. Would love some of these in 0-3 for new baby, after all whats more important than a babys comfort x

  62. Lisa Chilton

    My 5 month old has a horrible dribble rash from dribbling so much. He needs a new bib every hour. These look great. He wears a 6-9 month.

  63. sam neal

    Our little spit monster is in training for the Dribble Olympics, never before has so much slobber come out of something so small, even out dribbles the dog! I wish these were available when he was tiny, though at 12 months there is no sign of a dribble drought yet, go dribble vest, 12-18 fir the spit pls xx

  64. samantha Johnston

    My son is always soaking and with this cold weather his chin is really sore. This is the first thing I have seen that would stay on brilliant invention. 18- 24 months

  65. Tammy Bullingham

    My baby girl has always been a dribbler, and it flares up eczema on her neck

  66. Sarah Truswell

    12-18 months my sons a dribbler because he’s always got his hands in his month

  67. Natalie davy

    I need one for my 9 month old super dribbly daughter as her neck keeps getting so sore and has become infected twice. Plus with baby number 4 on the way, it will save me constantly battling with dry clothes, bibs and ointments when I’m trying to juggle a newborn as well! My chunk would like size 12-18 please :)

  68. kirsty collins

    My little miss lily is a dribble champion! Would love one of these fantastic invention! 6-9 :)

  69. Kerry Renton

    My boy poor has been teething really badly for the last 8months and his dribble is making him have lots of sores (even with lots of changes of tops) would love one of these for him, size 18-24mths please xx

  70. This is a great idea, my little one is 9 months and getting his first teeth, he will not wear a bib, not even to eat so this will solve everything, poor thing is freezing in this weather with wet t’shirts x

  71. Dianne Hargreaves

    My baby suffers from reflux and is constantly dribbling. Now. He’s teething its soggy city in our house :) need 6-9 months please.

  72. christine mckever

    I have a 7 week old son and I have to change his top at least 5 times a day it feels as if it is never ending if I won this for him i would then be able to spend more one on one time with my 2 year old daughter this sounds like the perfect solution. Age 3-6 months please xxx

  73. Katie jackman

    My son needs one of these, great idea, poor thing is soaked down to his tummy with the amount of dribble pouring out of him! And at 9 months old, try putting a bib on him is like world war 3

  74. Emma Atkinson

    I would like to win this for my daughter who is 16 months old. Sometimes when she is teething she can get dribble on her top! Or even spillages from her drink! Would be cool to give this a try!! 18-24 months if won thanks. :-)

  75. Great invention!

    9-12 month size for my little dribble monster please as he gets a rash where he dribbles so so much, even with an amber necklace!

  76. Katie E

    Blowing dribbly raspberries is his favourite occupation. He’d like size 9-12 months please.

  77. Alexandra Jones

    My little boy needs some of these tops because I am forever changing his clothes as they’re always soaking wet and his poor little chest is always red raw. Size 18-24 months please.

  78. Becky Robinson

    After seeing my daughter suffer with mulpiple skin infections from dribbling I would love to help my new baby avoid this and hopefully this will be the solution – great product! I would love 3-6 months if I’m lucky enough to win. x

  79. Laura Davies

    These look fab!! What a good invention. 0-3 plz

  80. Summer Hall

    This invention is purely brilliant! My son is also a tugger, and actually shoves the dribble covered bib in his mouth half the time. He is on his 4th vest and baby grow today! 6-9 months please :-) xx

  81. Natalie Tarr

    My two girls dribbled a bit but my baby son doesn’t stop, he must dribble a pint or more a day, is constantly soaked and dribble bibs also soaked through as none of them seem to be plastic backed or absorbent! I’m yet to find something that stops him getting soaked through so hope this works!!xx

  82. Suzanne Khamis

    I have a super dribbly little man…I am getting through 3-4 bibs a day…These tops sound absolutely ideal!!
    Size 6-9 would be fab please!!

  83. Hannah peck

    My little girl is 7 months, teething and dribbles loads! She’s constantly got a cough which I’m sure isn’t helped by the dribble in her clothes in the cold. Would be great to see if this helped her chest! X

  84. Amanda white

    My son is the last of his friends to start getting teeth. And wow there’s a waterfall flowing at the moment! Bibs and necker chiefs only last 30mins.
    I would love for him to be a dry happy chappy (9-12months)

  85. terri webb

    I would love not to constantly be changing dribble bibs that irritate my son, these would be lovely :)

  86. Helen

    My 5 moo TH old little man has been a dribble machine for 2 months now…but it seems to by that little bit worse every day. Since he’s been in his 3-6 month clothes I haven’t seen him in an outfit without a bib attached – he was given some lovely clothes & I wish everyone could see them without a big bib in the way (& who has enough bibs to keep coordinated with each outfit throughout the day?!). I’d love some 6-9 month vests so that the next stage of outfits isn’t ruined by monster bibs!! :-)

  87. Rachel Fisher

    My son Harris is 20 months old and is still constantly dribbling, im forever changing his bibs and his tops are always wet, id love to try one of these as his nice shirts are always covered up by a bib. Size 18-24 pls. Thanks

  88. S.k

    Baby drool a lots and I had to change about 20 + bibs in a day. 3-6 no

  89. Tammi Hughes

    My little girl Albee has been a very sicky and dribbily baby from the day she was born I’m changing her clothes between 7 and 10 times a day this is not including the 4 to 6 times she needs to be changed in the night it has now caused her to develop a rash and I’d love a dribble top to see if it helps clear up her rash and make my girl more comfortable through the day and night if it works I will definitely be buying loads more …… Fingers crossed I can win one of these for my little lady. Thank you for the chance, love Tammi and Albee xx

  90. Tammi Hughes

    Oh my baby brain we would be 3-6 months please, love Tammi and Albee xx

  91. Julie Malone

    My nephew is a dribble machine and works hard to keep his chest wet. It would be nice to be able to keep him from getting so sore with this clever top. Size 3-6 months, please!

  92. Jenn Robson

    What a great idea! I’d love one of these please!! :) size 12-18 months would be fantastic! :) x

  93. Rachel Devonshire-Hughes

    My 6 month baby has been teething since 8 weeks and still no teeth!!! The dribbled on clothes are driving me mad :( we would need 6-9 months or 9-12 please. Thank you. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  94. Jillian mccullagh

    Fantastic invention
    My wee one is teething abd dribbles so much and find changing her so much and especially after a feed and her wee neck always red so this will come in great she is 6 months so I would need 6-9 months thank you so much

  95. Alison Crook

    With a new baba due in June there is bound to be a dribble feat….0-3 please

  96. Samantha Morrissey

    From one mum to another can I just say that winning a Dribble Stop Top would really make my day

  97. My little boy is a reflux monster so he is constantly wet (and so are my clothes) please can I have 6-9 if I’m a lucky winner.thanks!! :0)

  98. Juliet Steltner

    I would love to give this a go as my daughter is constantly dribbling and I get through several dribble bibs a day. If I win I would need size 18-24 months. What a brilliant idea as my daughter sometimes doesn’t want to wear her bibs.

  99. Vicky fovargue

    My baby is just starting to get into the ‘chewy’ stage at 3 months old so everything is constantly soaked. Think these are a great idea!! Would need 9-12 months size please as he’s enormous. Thanks! X

  100. Catherine woodley

    What a clever idea! My little dribble machine aka Niamh would fit a 6-9 month and would save me a lot in washing!

  101. Katie

    My little boy is such a dribbler, as much as we love dribble bibs he ends up looking like a superhero with a cape on, I’m forever turning them round.

    This sounds like a perfect product! We’d need 12-18months if we were lucky enough to win! ☺️

  102. Rachel smith

    My baby girl is 7 months and has cut 6 teeth in the last few weeks! Dribble nightmare!! Size 9-12 x

  103. Ann Johnson

    Brilliant Idea.

    My Grandson is still dribbling at the age of 2 and a half and its a nightmare the amount of t shirts that get changed daily, his little sister is 4 months old and another dribbler in the making she goes through loads of tops and dribble bibs.

    It would be lovely to present a dribble top to my daughter even if its only to keep her sane lol

  104. Samantha Williams

    To save our poor washing machine we’d love some please!! Size 6-9 x

  105. Amie Fletchet

    My princess has been teething since 9 weeks old she dribbles like a tap constantly changing her pretty clothes and wiping her up and she gets a horrible rash for it…..if I was to win id like 6-9 months please :-)

  106. teething at 3 months means i definitly need these :-) 3-6 please

  107. ellie duxbury

    At 9 weeks old my son is already a toothy dribbly little thing. I would love one of these because he is so young dribble bibs dwarf him and are a bit unsafe so this would be perfect. 3-6 would be lovely if we won unless they come up small then 6-9 please as he is very long!
    Thank you :) x

  108. Zoe black

    My lg has been a dribbler since day one. She is so much worse now her teeth are coming through. Some bibs irritate her eczema on the back of her neck. Although id love to win a set of these I will defo be buying some! 12-18 would be great though x

  109. Leighanne Edwards

    Flynn is just over 4 months old and he is constantly dribbling! Has to have a bib on all the time, covering his cute little clothes :( . Even with wearing a bib all the time he gets through 3/4 outfits a day! He hates getting dressed too so it really upsets him messing about getting changed all the time! Could we have 6-9 months please x

  110. Kirsty Hargreaves

    My little girl is now 14mths, has 12 teeth but is still dribbling like crazy, she is adorable, but constantly wet and in winter its a nightmare, I’ve lost count of how many dribble bibs we have in the house, car and at strategic locations like Grandmas, it would be fab not to have to do this. Its a brilliant invention ladies, well done and I wish you every success. We would love to try one out :-) :-)

  111. Narelle

    I like toch have one for my daughter exspecialy now when she begin with her teething not only that but since she is little she give a lot of her Milk juice and now food back and quit a lot off time always her or if her 2 older brothers try to give her a bottle she is always soaking wet and i like to have 1 size 6-9 thank you

  112. Stefanie Carvey

    My daughter dribbles non stop, especially now her teeth are starting to poke through. We would love a 9-12 months size x

  113. melanie barnes

    What a great idea for those dribbly babies id love one for our little girl shes constantly dribbling 3-6 months please x

  114. Suzy Margolius

    I’d love one (3-6 months) for my daughter Luna who is teething and has a sore chest!! This is a great invention and will stop me have to change her constantly!

  115. Elaine Whinmill

    My little dribble monster has to wear a bib most of the time so hides all his cool clothes. A dribble stop vest (an amazing idea) will mean everyone will get to enjoy his cute clothes

    Forgot to add size 6-9 months please

  116. Would love to try one of these tops, my little boy has his first teeth coming through and constantly having to change his top.

  117. clare

    Id love a 3 to6 month one please as my little one is a refluxer and constantly spitting up and drying him he is getting a sore chest and chin, this would be ideal x please consider us and good luck everyone

  118. Fiona Frost

    My little girl sucks her fingers constantly and always has dribble pouring down her chin. With her free hand she pulls at her bib til it comes off. She ends up spending most of the day soaking wet with a red neck even with regular changing/bib replacement, these sound fantastic. She’s a 3-6 please. :-D x

  119. Stacie Ann Stewart

    My second baby is twice as bad as her brother was for dribbling. Adding teething to the mix is getting ridiculous. She is also a tugger. Would love these to try out!

    Size 6-9 months please :)

  120. Lise Sellers

    Yes please! Size 18-24m, thank you x

  121. Gemma Bacon

    My little man is a huuuge dribbler! He’s teething too which has made it 10 times worse. Nothing worse than going to give him a cuddle and getting a soggy cheek as well as his chest becoming damp and uncomfortable. Dribble stop tops would be a life saver. Pretty please pick us :)

  122. Gemma Bacon

    Ooo, i’d need size 6-9 please :)

  123. sarah lane

    my son looks like he has a waterfall coming from his mouth bless him, he is teething the dribble goes everywhere even all over me & soaks all his clothes!!! size 6-9 months if i win thank you x

  124. Sophie O'Mahoney

    Fantastic idea!

    My little boy is so very keen on dribbling (Daddy hopes it will extend to a successful football career) & would love a chance to try these!

    Thank you!

  125. My boy was a constant dribbler as a baby and now he’s older he drinks what feels like a gallon of water every hour and spills half of it on himself thinking it’s really funny! :) Would need the dribble stop top in the biggest size 18-24 months :)

  126. Anita Rabbitts

    I think my son will still be wearing a dribble bib when he’s 18!!! I don’t have many photos without one on him, at least there are some very stylish ones available! Size 18-24 please!

  127. Dawn Evenden

    My son was a real dribble we got passed that stage now but with a new baby due in August I want to be prepared so a 0-3 please x

  128. victoria davy

    I would love to give these a try, my daughter has reflux and constantly dribbles due to teething non stop at the moment and despises getting dressed let alone constantly changed or having talc or sudocrem put under her neck to stop her getting so sore so making for a very unhappy little princess.
    6-9 months please x

  129. Leeanne Whittaker

    Would love to win these in 3-6 months our girl/boy twins are having to be changed upteen times a day due to getting wet through with dribbling from.teething. please & thankyou x

  130. Amy Bignold

    12-18 please! My daughter has always been a dribble monster and currently has a horrible dribble rash that won’t shift! ;(

  131. Emma Rigg

    My baby girl has a constant soggy bib no matter how many times I change it :( 6-9 months please xx

  132. rhianwen smith

    We need one so our baby is no longer a spotty baby but a beautiful baby with smooth skin ready for lots of mummy cuddles. Size 9 to 12 please :-) :-)

  133. Lisa Cook

    My boy is just cutting his first tooth! He’s nearly 6 mths but is a big boy so he’d need a 9-12 mth.

  134. Kerri-Anne Porter

    Hi we would love some of these in 18-24 m for my son who is 15m old and has been drbbking profusely for the best part of a year! He has a whole drawer full of bibs because we get through do many my banister is now also nicknamed the bib drying rack! No end in sight but would love to see him without a bib! Many thanks xx

  135. Kelly Davies

    My little girl has been a dribbler from about 2 weeks old, she’s now nearly 6 months & it’s worse than ever especially now she’s learnt that she can pull it off!!! So a pack of these would be very appriciated in size 6-9months please x

  136. Clair Rowlinson

    Bandana bibs are great but we get through so many, size 3-6 months would be lovely!

  137. Wendy Mann

    My poor little man is 12 weeks n been teething since 7 weeks= lots of dripples :-)

  138. Shona

    Always got a dribble bib on which covers some nice tops. If they’re not on then he’s wet through. Great invention. I’ll have a 9-12 please.

  139. Sarah Floyd

    Would love one for my little dribbler 6-9 months. X

  140. Rebecca Petty-Fitzmaurice

    My daughter needs one of these in size 3-6 months!! She’s definitely contributing to the floods with all the dribbling she’s doing! :)

  141. Julia Pitts

    What a fab idea! I am constantly wiping my daughter’s chin which is sore and red :-( with one of these ingenious dribble stop tops, I won’t have to keep slathering her in sudocrem!

  142. I love this top. I have twin boys and one is such a dribbler, his mouth constantly leaks! Brilliant idea. Size 9-12 please.

  143. Helen Brewer

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    If I win your new top,
    I won’t dribble on you!!

    By Harry (aged 4 months and very dribbly!)

    Mummy says I’m very tall for my age, so I’d like a 6-9 month top please xx

  144. Louise Marsh

    My little boy is a champion dribbler. He is cutting his last two back teeth and dribbling for england, ireland, scotland and wales lol. 18-24 months please

  145. lorna gomez

    I would love one as they are a brilliant idea and my daughter would look not only reap the benefits but look good too

  146. rachel

    My poor little boy is suffering from bad reflux and teething pains :( Constantly changing sicked on and dribbled on outfits. With a dribble stop top we’ll be able to lessen the laundry load. If i don’t win i think i will buy, it is a really good idea. Well done, girls! :) x size 6-9 months please :)

  147. lindsey hunton

    Because i have a teething baba and i cant take anymore :-(

  148. katie thompson

    9-12 months please. He’s just started teething so is dribbling for Britain. thank you.

  149. Nicola Hannam

    Very unsettled little boy from teething and having a sore chest from the dribbles. Would be a great help. 12-18 months please

  150. Gemma Bettam

    My twins would love this they dribble like no ones business especially my little girl and it flares up a big rash on get neck poor thing. 9-12 months would be lovely please.


  151. Lisa Spindler

    Hi my little girl is 8 1/2 months and has been suffering and dribbling for 4 months now still with no teeth! :-( We go through endless bibs and tops so my washing machine is constantly on and as it looks like we’ve got a long teething road ahead I would love to try your amazing product pretty please :-) 9-12 months please xx

  152. Hannah Mitchell

    My poor little girl has eczema which is particularly bad in her chest because the dribble makes her chest damp causing her to scratch herself even more. Would love to try 9-12 please!

  153. Kayleigh Maddocks

    If only these had been around when my eldest was a baby! This would allow my cheeky three month old Lucie to carry on giving us her big dribbly smiles without causing the horrible neck soreness, but also make me a very happy mama as a happy baby = happy parents :)

  154. Vicky Ellis

    We call our son Sir Dribbsalot!! Need I say more… Would absolutely love one in size 6-9 months please : )

  155. Amy Kwok

    I wish I had these for my first daughter. My second one will be due next month, so it would be nice to be prepared. 3-6 months would be perfect. Fingers crossed x

  156. Lauren

    12-18. Dribbly teething baby :) x

  157. Charlotte Quinn

    Our baby is not yet born but after reading this article i cannot think of a reason why he would NOT need one! ingenious creation ladies!
    0-3 months please x

  158. Ella McKinney

    We are just starting on the canines at 18 months and we need help!
    Soggy laundry all round.
    Sz 18-24 months! Xx

  159. Eleanor Digby

    Where were you ladies when my little girl was drooling enough to fill a bath?! Fantastic idea, simple but effective love the idea of a rash free chest.
    My daughter drooled and suffered with late teething so much that I am convinced that baby number two, due in a few months will be the same so I would probably request a 6-9 months as that’s when Niagra falls really started!

  160. Ella Richmond

    My teething bubba is the dribble king, he needs a new bib every 30 minutes!! 6-9m

  161. Rosie

    Teething, weaning or just expressing her love and happiness – always need a dribble stop top(9-12 months please)

  162. Shenz

    OMG, what an amazing invention. I NEED this. My toddler is always dribbling, I need to change her top several times a day.
    Less laundry…YAY!!
    18-24 months please.

  163. Cos Joseph dribbles and we’re forever in kiddicare Cribbs Causeway.

  164. Kim Parnell

    Please could I have one for my twin grandsons as it would help my daughter so much as she has to wash 2 sets of vests and bibs daily as they are both dribblers. They would need size 9-12 months. Many thanks xx

  165. Jo Williams

    I’m not sure when prem babies start teething and dribbling – I’m going to guess 6-9 months would be the right size! It’s such a clever invention!

  166. Colleen Scholefield

    18 months old and still dribbling! Yes my boy just can’t get the hang of swallowing. He can carry off the cowboy look very well in his dribble bibs but he needs a new look and these tops are a fab idea for him. He can be the trendsetter amongst all the toddler group dribblers. Size 18-24 would be lovely thanks :)

  167. Marina theo

    This looks like a brilliant invention and my child should be wearing one. She constantly dribbles and she has developed a rash. We have gone back to the gp on three occasions and he has given her three types of cream but nothing has worked. Therefore the stipple stop top may be the next thing. We will need 3-6 months. Thank you.

  168. Laura Holmes

    Would love one because layering up 3 bibs over an outfit is not such a great look but our only way at the moment to prevent soaking clothes.
    6-9 please

  169. Gemma Millings

    My 17month old is finally getting her first tooth and the dribble stop would defo help with Niagara Falls of dribble coming out her poor mouth
    Fantastic invention as she won’t wear bibs!

  170. Jenny McKeown

    My baby girl has turned into a non stop dribble machine so would love one of your fab creations in size 3-6.
    Great idea, keep up the good work xx

  171. Leanne

    My 17 month old is now on his 4 cheat infection I’m convinced it’s because he dribbles so much. I buy dribble bibs everytime I see them in any shop. And change them constantly, he still ends up soaked to the skin. We’d love try and some and keep that chest dry 18-24 month xxxx

  172. Barbara Jackman

    I have a grandson who is dribbling so bad his tops are soaking wet after a couple of mins wearing them he is 10 months old and just getting his first tooth through I would like size 12-18 mths if I win Thank you x

  173. Sarah Sankey

    Ooh these would be amazing for our little girl who is a proper dribbler. Her chest is a constant battle to not get sore and red. 9-12 months please xx

  174. Charlotte Curtis

    My 9 month old is a constant dribbler and soaks her clothes no matter what I try! 9-12 months xxx

  175. tam

    6 to 9 months. Our 7 month old daughter got her first tooth today… 1 down, the rest to go! I’ve bought dribble bibs but they soak through after a while. She is like a dribble factory,if she was a giant she’d be responsible for all the flooding! Her cheeks are red and dry poor thing! Brilliant idea!especially being tumble dry able as I have bibs on my radiator as I type!

  176. Marie Gaskell

    12-18 please! Perfect for my dribbly teething tot :) these look great!

  177. Gokcen

    My little man is just turned 4 months who is suffering so much with teething, me constantly having to change his top as its soaked is another pain for him! Would love to try anything that would help! Size 6-9 please.

  178. Nick Warren

    Would love to try these, Our youngest Dribbles like a St. Bernard Dog!

  179. Nicola whitehead

    My twins are dribble monsters! Would be great to try this out! Size 3-6months

  180. Sarah mccoy

    A dribbly baby in my house is a happy baby because he can blow more raspberries although it’s not good for me ….. Size 9-12months please :)

  181. Tessa H

    My baby Jessica hasn’t stopped dribbling since she was born, today I’ve been through 6 bibs and 2 tops. She suffers with excema and the constant dribbling makes her chest so red and sore. These tops sound like a dream! 12-18 please x

  182. Susannah Nevin

    First time mum – needs all the help on offer!!! 3-6 months please!!! xxx

  183. Ellie Wilde

    I’d love one in size 3-6 months please as I hate those “waterproof” backed bibs that never stay in place and sound horrible! But if you don’t put one on, it’s a constant change of clothes! :/ x

  184. Damien

    Our little man’s rash has gone from bad to worse – cheeks to chin to neck to chest. There’s only so much Sudocrem &/or E45 cream can do. Not a happy bunny :( We’d love to try the Dribble Stop – will review too – 12-18m, please!

  185. Marilyn

    My little granddaughter is constantly dribbling. She has eczema and dribbling makes her neck and chest very sore so these would be very good for her. 6-9 months would be great!

  186. liane thompsett

    I am going to be a new mum and need all the help i can get. 3-6 months please

  187. Chelsie Preece

    These sound amazing!!! .. My little girl is like a waterful.. It’s crazy!!! Constantly with a bib on as she just doesn’t stop dribbling.. Must annoy her that I change her up to 4times a day as it such soaks through her clothes :-( .. This would be a god send!! Size 6-9 please!!

  188. Pete

    Our bibs are soaked in seconds and always seem to soak through the clothes. As soon as we take off the bib, she soaks the clothes – can’t win. And she hasn’t even started on the teething yet. Love to try these in 9-12 months.

  189. nikki

    My 8 month old is a terrible dribbler and has been for the past 4 months bless him, and he has ezcema in that dribble zone area right up to his cheeks and I am constantly changing his bibs, and when he’s tired all he does his rub his neck and chin. So your dribble stop tops sound amazing and would be a big help it sounds like so my little guy would like a size 9-12 months please :-) :-)

  190. Steve King

    Mouth and nose dribbles on his clothes.
    Bib goes on but not for long.
    And lots of wet kisses, on the face (never misses).
    Hope his teeth come through soon.

  191. Nicola

    What a brilliant idea. My 3month old daughter seems to dribble all the time. It hit a cord when you mentioned always covering up their outfit with a bib. 3-6month fingers crossed.

  192. Liniya thomas

    My son is a champion dribbler! I need lots of bibs and muslin cloths a day!! If I won 6-9 months please

  193. Emma moss

    6 month old constantly soaked through even with bibs 6-9 months please fingers crossed x

  194. Dr. Verdah

    This drinble stop top seems a good idea for teething and dribbling babies. My son ‘zain’ is a full time 4 months old dribbler because he is teething now. All his beautiful outfits are spoiled with his saliva and milky vomitus.

  195. Laura Burton

    Would love to be considered as a deserving mum to win one of your wonderful ingenious bibs. My 3 month old loves a goid dribble but sadly this outfits and skin dont feel the same. Several changes a day and a mountain of washing. Fingers crossed, more time to spend doing fun stuff and not stripping him down every five mins. 3-6 months please xoxo

  196. Nicole

    What an excellent idea.my 7 month old son has really sensitive skin i have to use aqueous cream in the bath and dipro base after the bath.he is constantly scratching around his neck I feel this would make his little life less painful.please may we have one of these great inventions.size 12-18 we would really appreciate it :0)

  197. Lisa

    My baby Zachary is teething with constant dribbling at the moment, constant bib changes to keep his chest dry especially as he suffers from eczema. He pulls his bibs off so we are constantly putting them back on the little rascal! If we win size 9-12 months please! X;0) thanks

  198. Patricia

    Being a grandparent is fun. Helping look after my 2 grandsons can be hard work and these tops would save all the changing and washing and give more time for play.

  199. Patricia

    Oops forgot to say the size…9-12 months please.

  200. Amy

    Id love to win as my poor baby girl is 5months old amd teething we go through up to 10 or more tops/vest she has.such a sore rash on jer chest although we change her regulary and dry her. I work in a nursery and I can just see the other mums faces when I tell them about the super ace baby baby dribble vest!!!!!

  201. Amy

    Id love to win as my poor baby girl is 5months old amd teething we go through up to 10 or more tops/vest she has.such a sore rash on jer chest although we change her regulary and dry her. I work in a nursery and I can just see the othķer mums faces when I tell them about the super ace baby baby dribble vest!!!!! 6-9 month pleaseeee

  202. Debbie

    What a great invention. I wonder also if it would help me with my other problem not only do I have a dribbler but my baby was born very small only 3lb and a bit early. She has a good suck but when feeding the feed dribbles everywhere, despite using two bibs. I would live a size 0-3

  203. Rebekah

    My little munching would benefit from one as he is a rasberry blowin, spittin, dribble machine ,, 9-12month

  204. Eek. 5 weeks to due date and haven’t given dribbling a though. Time I did clearly. Unless I can win one and then relax :)

  205. Sarah Jibrail-Jones

    My little boy is a champion dribbler, he loves blowing raspberries and just letting the dribble go everywhere and in no time at all his bib is soaked right through, so I’d love one of these to keep him dry and comfy :) in 9-12 months. Fingers crossed :) x

  206. Clare

    My little girl is suffering from such a sore neck and chest area from the constant dribbling. I have tried everything to try to make it better for her. It is so sad to see her suffering. I would need a size 6-9 months if we are lucky enough to win. Otherwise does anyone know when they will be available to purchase?

  207. Dan Hughes

    Any chance they’re going to be available online? My nearest store is a couple of hundred miles away.

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