Dribble Stop Tops

Introducing Dribble Stop Tops

We love entrepreneurial mums so we’re delighted to introduce Dribble Stop Tops – the genius vest that keeps little dribblers cosy and dry – newly available in-store at Kiddicare.

Emma and Tracy are the brains behind the genius Dribble Stop Top. Between them they have six little boys (yep six!) so they know a thing or two about babies – especially ones that dribble!

Emma and Tracy

Emma and Tracy

So where did the inspiration for Dribble Stop Tops come from? Emma says “Jude was my fourth baby and a champion dribbler. Within an hour of getting him dressed, he was soaked to his skin and ended up with a red and sore chest – which I inevitably felt really guilty about. My days were spent constantly changing his clothes or trying to sneak a bib around his neck but Jude was a ‘tugger’. Whenever I tried to put a bib onto him he would tug at it until the pesky bib was off. Believe me, I tried every distraction I could think of to keep it on.” 

“My friend Tracy’s first son Adam was a dribbler too – we thought that there must be something out there that could help… but after scouring the internet we realised there wasn’t. So there and then, we sat down and decided to design something that would help.

One of the first things we did was sit and make a list of everything that was important to us when designing our top (stuff that only Mums think about!) These are also our reasons that we think you should buy our Dribble Stop Top – so here they are…

1. Must keep baby’s chest dry all day

Our Dribble Stop Top has an integrated waterproof (but breathable) pocket hidden inside the chest area of our tops (we liked to call this ‘the dribble zone!’) This Dribble Stop protection helps stop the dribble soaking through to the delicate skin on your baby’s chest, keeping them dry throughout the day. Our tops also have a unique extra high neckline ensuring maximum coverage and protection of the ‘dribble zone’.

2. Must be comfortable for baby to wear

An uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby so our Dribble Stop Tops are made from high quality 100% soft cotton interlock. The waterproof pocket is lined with the same cotton interlock so the only material in contact with your baby’s skin is soft, cosy and comfy.

3. Nothing around baby’s neck to tug at

Our protection is built into our tops so nothing is tied around your baby’s neck for them to tug at. They are totally unaware that they are being protected. This also means that our tops are safe for continuous use. Brilliant for those nursery days and maybe even more importantly, safe for sleep and nap times. Now you can put your baby down to sleep knowing that their dribble soaked chests will not be the cause of them waking up early.

4. Must be able to be tumble dried

May seem a bit extreme, but to us, this was a necessity. We all know how frustrating it is in the winter, when our radiators seem to be lined up with bib after bib, but we also all know what happens to most bibs when they are accidently tumble dried! Also, we always want our little ones clothes to be soft and cosy and nothing keeps your clothes as soft as tumble drying them. So yes, our Dribble Stop Tops can be tumble dried – hurrah!

5. Must be discreet and look good

Yes we know this isn’t as important as keeping their chests dry, but how many of us look back at our baby photos and groan when we see all the cute outfits covered up with bibs? So we made our Dribble Stop Tops look like regular baby vests, that way nobody knows your baby’s wearing one. They come in white and cute stripes and can be worn on their own or as a vest under an outfit.

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