Let’s Make… Crochet!

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Crochet lends itself perfectly to cold, dark winter evenings. All you need is some yarn and a hook and you can get started. Mummy Limited gives us a few basics to get you started. Follow her steps and you’ll be making scarves, clothes and even blankets for your little one in no time!

Let’s get going……

You need to begin by making a slip knot in your yarn. Hold the yarn in your left hand, bring it up and over your left, index finger to make a loop, hold the loop in your right hand, bring the tail side of the yarn through the loop, but don’t pull in completely through, tighten and you should have a loop with a knot at the bottom. Pop your crochet hook through the loop and tighten.

Crochet - Step One

Next we need to make a foundation chain, using chain stitch (ch) which you will use again later at the end of each row of stitches. Take your yarn and wind it anti-clockwise, quite loosely around your hook and then pull your hook down, pulling the yarn through the loop that is already on your hook. You may find it helpful to gently hold the knot of your slip knot a little as you pull your yarn through. Repeat this process until your chain is as wide as you want your finished project to be. For this tutorial I have made a ch10

Crochet - Step Two

Now we start to crochet for real! The thing with crochet stitches is they need a little room to form, they need some height, so before we start a stitch, do a couple of extra chain stitches. Now, wind your yarn around your hook in the same way as before, anti-clockwise so it’s laying on your hook and stick the end of your hook through the middle of the THIRD chain stitch from the hook. Pull your yarn through the first loop. You will now have 3 loops on your hook. Wind the yarn again and this time pull it through the first 2 loops on your hook. Repeat one more time, pulling through the remaining 2 loops. You should be left with one loop of yarn on your hook and a lovely stitch. This is called a treble (tc). Continue all the way along your foundation chain.

Crochet - Step Three

Once you have reached the end of your chain, you will need to turn and work back the other way, but once again we need to give the stitches some room and so I shall show you how to make what’s called a turning chain. Simply make 2 chain stitches at the end of your row, turn your work and start making your next treble stitch in the third chain from your hook, which should be the last stitch on the previous row. Work back in the same way, accept the hook goes through the top of each stitch.

Crochet - Step Four

Now just work back and forth, remembering your turning chain at end of each row and you will soon have a lovely flat piece of crochet. Have fun and good luck!


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