Katie Piper's must have pregnancy essentials

Inspirational Parent Katie Piper’s Pregnancy Must-Haves

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Kiddicare ambassador and Inspirational Parent Katie Piper is due to have her first baby in March 2014. Here she shares the ten can’t-live-without-them essentials that have got her through her pregnancy…

1. My partner

“It’s brought us even closer together. He’s my best friend and has supported me through so many operations and hospital treatments. I didn’t think we could get any closer; we feel like a complete family even though the baby’s not here yet. He leaves the house at 5.30am for work every morning and wakes me up to say hello to the bump! I’m sure the baby responds to his voice – she always wriggles when she hears him.”

2. The NHS

“I’ve had great experiences with the NHS in the past so I’ve decided to follow that route again but I’ve had friends that went private who’ve also had good experiences. I think it’s great the choice is available for women as I believe birth is all about choice.”

3. IVVI pushchair

“I can’t wait to use it. I’ve been practising with a doll! I love the dream drape with the magnet. It’s really thoughtfully designed – there’s even a little pocket for your phone in the carrycot. I love the organic fabric and also that it’s unisex – I definitely didn’t want pink.”

Katie Piper with IVVI pushchair

4. My essential kit

“Every morning when I go to work I pack: lipstick, eye drops, work diary, satsuma, banana, chocolate bar, packet of nuts, fruit drink. And I’m sorted for the day!”

5. Ginger biscuits & chocolate Yazoo milkshakes!

“Loads of both!”

6. Yoga/pilates

“I joined a pregnancy yoga group in the my local community hall– lots of stretching and breathing. I’m hoping it’ll help with the birth – I’m good at getting myself in the zone and taking myself away.”

7. Juicing

“My favourite is spinach, kale, broccoli and avocado with a bit of apple and ginger for a kick. I try to get all the green things in, then have a couple of Creme Eggs!”

8. Flat shoes

“I always carry a spare pair of shoes or slippers with me for days when I’m feeling a bit swollen or hormonal.”

9. Twitter

“I’ve found it a huge support and great to talk to women who are going through or been through pregnancy – it’s like a support network.”

10. Decent maternity bras

“I wish I’d bought them sooner. I carried on wearing underwires and was so uncomfortable. I didn’t realise maternity bras were so pretty – I thought they’d be really frumpy but no! I really like the Amoralia range.”

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  1. Awh what lovely news didn’t know she was having ab bayb. She’ll be a great mum I’m sure :0) Best wishes to her and her partner.


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