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Katie Piper Writes her First Kiddicare Blog Post

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Kiddicare ambassador and inspirational parent Katie Piper writes her first exclusive Kiddicare blog post since having baby Belle in March of this year.

Why I’ve loved it
I knew I loved my baby the moment I felt her growing inside me but I didn’t realise how overwhelming that love could be. We just want to protect, love and nurture her – something I’m sure all parents can relate to.  I take so much pleasure in making her happy, when she looks up at me with those huge brown eyes I feel  full of a joy I hadn’t experienced until becoming a mother. When she is relaxed – I feel relieved; when she falls asleep in a milk coma on my chest I know she is happy and she will let out a huge contented sigh and I often find myself doing one at the same time!

Katie Piper's nursery

Katie Piper’s nursery

Why, at times, it’s been a bit harder than I thought!
There have been times when I couldn’t settle her at night or when she continued to cry after being changed and fed and I found myself saying “Am I no good at this? What have I done wrong?” Looking back now, the hormones and sleep deprivation made me be far too harsh on myself; she’s a baby and I’m a new mum: neither of us are going to be happy or perfect all of the time! I also don’t think I ever really appreciated my lie ins or how much free time I genuinely had before!

What I wish I’d known…advice I’ve been given since Belle arrived but I wish I’d known before
I was really determined to breast feed for as long as I could. Belle struggled to put weight on initially because I couldn’t produce enough milk. I was pumping, expressing, eating nutritious food, letting her suckle all day but in the end I was putting so much pressure on myself I had even less milk as a result! I accepted I would need to do a combination of breast and formula. I wish I had realised early on it doesn’t mean I’ve failed or let her down. All women and their babies are individual and what works for one family may not be for the next. The Kiddicare #WIWIK campaign has also been a really useful tool for me, I’ve been able to use it get advice and opinions from other mums and it has put me at ease and given me reassurance.

The products (and people!) I couldn’t have done it without 

  • Baby Weavers Recline Glider and Stool from Kiddicare
Baby Weavers Recline Glider & Stool

Kiddicare Recline Glider & Stool

Kiddicare have some really good quality chairs at very reasonable prices and this Baby Weavers Recline Glider & Stool has been my saviour. It helped me have patience to sit there and persevere with breast feeding and I was able to get the correct positioning for her to latch on. I haven’t had any back or neck problems as I am always have the correct posture. It was also a huge help after my C section as the Kiddicare one comes with a rocking foot stool that I could put my feet on taking the pressure off my scar.

  • Nuna IVVI pram


It is so important to invest in a good quality pram that is simple to use. I have learnt that it is a huge operation to leave the house with a new born even just to venture out to the supermarket. The Nuna IVVI is so simple and quick to use, the frame folds in half and the body clips on and off in a second.  I have also found it great when travelling to visit my parents, I don’t need to take a travel cot or Moses basket as the pram body is so comfy I can take it off the wheels and Belle is happy to sleep in it all night.

  • Our families and James

Both our families have been on hand to help out, ready to listen and offer advice when asked, but careful not to overload us with information! I’m very lucky as James is a brilliant Dad and it has all seemed to come so naturally to him, in areas where I lack confidence he reassures me and makes me feel like we are such a team, it’s also so good to have him on night feeds at the weekend so I can catch up on much needed sleep!

  • Wipes

I had a voucher in my Bounty pack for Water Wipes and when Belle began to get sore from some other wipes so I thought I would try these. They made a huge difference and were much kinder to her skin. Every time I go into Kiddicare I buy few packets so I’m stocked up!

  • Nuna Leaf Rocking Chair

This chair has meant I can go and cook myself lunch whilst Belle is happily strapped in safely.  It can be set to rock or swing from side to side.

Nuna Leaf Rocking Chair

Nuna Leaf Rocking Chair

The thing that’s amazed me the most about motherhood
I am very close to my own mum and we have a great relationship, but becoming a mother myself has made me understand my mum more and have an even greater respect for her and all that she did for us as children. I always knew it was extremely hard for them when I was attacked but now I can understand even more through a mother’s eyes just how awful it really must have been. I’m looking forward to Belle growing up and enjoying them as grandparents.

The best moment I’ve had as a mum
It really made my tummy flip the first time she smiled at me. I felt complete, as if she had filled a gap in my life that had been there for a long time. Registering Belle’s birth was also a very special moment for us, we came away with her birth certificate felling like a true family.

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  1. Where can you buy the stick on the wall butterflies that are in your kiddicare recline glider and stool picture?

    • Hi Louise. Gorgeous aren’t they? You can find them in Hobbycraft. Vicky x

  2. What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing your honest account. I can relate to a lot of it, especially the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect mums. Motherhood can be very testing at times but is such a precious gift. Love to you and belle x

  3. Wow well done Katie! There is so much pressure on women to exclusively breast feed, I had exactly the same problem and was told to keep going for a very long 8 weeks, it was horrendous, I was miserable and my baby was hungry, eventually we started to top him up with formula and suddenly had a happy content and sleeping baby! Mixed feeding has worked a dream, benefits for mum and baby from the breast and benefits of sleep and fullness from the bottle! Thank you for saying you do this, no one else in the group of new mums I’m in has admitted to trying this, and I have felt a complete failure! Now at 6 months and happyily breast feeding morning and night with formula between. Keep up the good work! Best wishes xx

    Dr Amber Halliday
  4. The nuna leaf plays music? I don’t think it does…. ! Mine certainly has no music function

  5. Love the owl and pussy cat picture, where did you purchase if you don’t mind me asking

    Kim Sly

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