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Top 10 Tips for Choosing Maternity & Nursing Bras

Jules, founder of Amoralia – the luxe lingerie line now available at Kiddicare – shares her top tips for buying maternity and nursing bras.

Jules Amoralia

“I used to work for an advertising agency, but spotted a gap in the market for stylish, beautiful lingerie that was practical too” says entrepreneur Jules, 36, mum to Sacha, 21 months.

“My boss and sister were both expecting at the time and persuaded me to go for it. We aim to make pregnant women and nursing mothers feel, and look, beautiful. After all, pretty underwear can give every woman a little lift”.

Jules’ top 10 tips on choosing your maternity & or nursing bra:

1. Remember that you shouldn’t be wearing an underwire – you need to protect the delicate breast tissue and milk ducts

2. When buying a maternity bra, make sure it fits you well on the tightest hook so that you can let it out as your ribcage expands

3. At the beginning of your pregnancy, choose a style that shows off your new curves – there are plenty of styles out there that are glamorous AND comfortable

4. You can buy a nursing bra early on in your pregnancy, but be aware that your bra size will probably change quite a lot when you start breastfeeding!

5. When buying a nursing bra for the first few weeks of breastfeeding, make sure you choose one that is machine washable and has a cotton lining to absorb milk

6. When choosing a nursing bra for breastfeeding, make sure there is enough space in the cup for a breast pad, and that you fit it on one of the loosest hooks – that way you can tighten it as your ribcage falls back

7. Remember that the support from a bra comes from the band, not from the straps, so if you find they’re really digging in, choose a smaller band size (and bigger cup)!

8. You’ll need a soft sleep bra for night-time support and to hold breast-pads in place

9. Buy at least 3 nursing bras – one in the wash, one to wear and one spare

10. Do buy matching bottoms if you buy a pretty nursing bra – you’ll look, and feel, gorgeous!

Second Skin Maternity Bra (Ivory)

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Amoralia is part of a great new range of maternity clothing now available at Kiddicare. Just head into any Kiddicare store and speak to one of our specially trained members of staff for advice on fitting.

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