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Meet Dad-to-Be Greg Rutherford

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Greg Rutherford, Olympic athlete, British long jump record holder and all-round lovely bloke visited our Peterborough store with his pregnant girlfriend Susie for a Bump, Baby & You consultation, a cuppa and a chat.


So can we ask? Was this baby planned?

Greg: Semi-planned!

Susie: Um, well sort of! We said we might try after Christmas then it happened straight away. We actually ended up buying ovulation sticks and a pregnancy test at the same time! I was a couple of days late and thought, ‘oh well why not take a test?’ It said 2 – 3 weeks.

And what was your reaction Greg?

Greg: I didn’t really know how to react, I was just so instantly happy. Susie says I’ve wanted children since I can remember so it was just this big smile! Absolutely over the moon.

Susie: We just kept laughing didn’t we!

And your families are all super excited?

Greg: Telling my parents was interesting. We’re not married so I wasn’t sure how they were going react to it. When I was growing up the family was quite religious so I was worried it was going to be an issue but it wasn’t at all. I was too nervous to actually say it so Susie came out with it while my dad was sanding our floors!

Susie: We’d been in our new house three days and we were doing all this work and painting. The morning sickness had kicked in pretty quickly and I felt horrific. I didn’t want people just to think that I was either being lazy or grumpy because I just physically could not do anything. Greg was being really over protective around me so we had to come clean…

Greg and Chloe shop Mamalicious 

So when did you tell the world?

Greg: It was 16 weeks. I was away for the 12 week scan which was a shame. It was just so hard not to tell anybody!


How do you feel about missing key pregnancy milestones due to your training schedule?

Greg: Tough. I wanted to be involved as much as I possibly could but I had to go away. I considered postponing my trip but in the end I had to go. It was horrible but we FaceTimed and everything else. We agreed that as long as I was there for the 20 week scan that wouldn’t be too bad.


So will you definitely be at the birth?

Greg: Absolutely. Luckily it’s fallen at a really good time. Mid-October is when the baby is due. I’ve agreed with my coach that I won’t go back into full training until January so I actually get ten weeks off. Awesome! And then we go to America and I’ll probably spend 2–3 months there so the idea is that Susie will hopefully travel. You get used to travelling and being away from your family because I’ve done it for 10 years now, but when there’s a baby involved, it definitely changes things.

Greg and Susie

Sounds like Greg is going to be a real hands on dad…

Susie: I can’t fault him throughout the pregnancy, he’s been really good.


So how’s your training and competition schedule in the run up to the birth?

Greg: As of mid-July it becomes really intense and then I’m away nearly all of August. I compete most weekends. I think the latest competition is the 13th September – a month before the baby is born all being well.


So you decided to find out the flavour of your baby? Will you tell us if we promise not to let on…?! 

Susie: Sure! We just wanted to plan and get prepared, especially because Greg is going to be away a lot. I wanted to get everything sorted and also we just wanted to know…

Susie's tweet

Susie tweets


We read that Susie’s parents are moving up from Dover to live in your annex. How do you feel Greg about having the in-laws down the garden?

Greg: I get on with them so well that I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. It’ll be mega valuable having them there to help out. My parents are only 15 minutes down the road so it’ll be nice to have everybody close.


Which have been the best and worst parts of pregnancy so far? Susie, we read your blog about spray tan disasters – can imagine it was bad at the time but it was very funny from an outsider’s perspective.

Greg: It was horrendous!

Susie: The worst part was definitely the first 10 weeks. I could barely leave the house. It was just constant retching and only sleeping about two hours every night because I was feeling so sick. When people said to me ‘at least you are feeling unwell because it is a nice reason’ I just wanted to kill them! Funny though – now I can’t remember feeling that bad and I’d happily do it again.


How are you feeling about the labour?

Susie: I’m actually not worried about that part. I was always concerned about the morning sickness because I’m not great at being ill. I’d like a water birth if possible. We’re going to do a little bit of hypnotherapy just for the breathing techniques. Other than that, we’re not really planning anything else just incase it doesn’t go that way. We’ll just go with the flow. It’s going to hurt whatever, we’ll be calm if we can.


If it’s anything like you it will be a long baby!

Susie: Yeah we were both big babies. I was 9lbs 5oz and Greg was 9lbs 7oz.

 Greg and Susie shop Pumpkin Patch

Any other brilliant bits about your pregnancy journey?

Susie: Yes! We had a kick, last night in fact! It’s just nice knowing the baby’s there… the start of our family.


Any particular bits you’re shopping for today?

Greg: We’ve already bought a Stokke Crusi pushchair so we’re just after the essentials so we can get the room set up. We haven’t planned how it’s going to look though yet.


Who would you nominate as your inspirational parents?

Susie: I see us as Phil and Claire from Modern Family!

Greg: Yeah! In all seriousness I was really lucky to have two amazing parents. Great role models who literally couldn’t have done more for me. My dad had to learn from scratch; he didn’t have any father figure in his life and he did a pretty good job I think.


So is there anyone in the athletic circuit that you can go to for advice?

Greg: Yes, a guy called Andy Turner. He’s a World and Commonwealth medallist as well as one of my closest friends. He’s 32/33, has three girls and still manages to perform at a very high level. He’s definitely someone I’ll be talking to.

Any thoughts on our new Bump, Baby & You club? 

It’s brilliant at offering advice and tips through every stage of pregnancy along with tonnes of vouchers for all your little one’s necessities. (Read Greg’s full blog here.)

It’s been really great talking to you. Anything else you’d like to say?

Susie: Yes Greg just stay at the head end! I don’t want anyone at the business end – a little bit of dignity. We can try anyway.

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