Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Nursery

Planning the perfect nursery to welcome your little one is definitely one of the best bits of the nine-month adventure! But before you start gathering fabric swatches and tester pots of paint, read our guide on creating the perfect nursery…

  1. Ready, Set, Go!

Be nursery ready four weeks before your due date so if your baby arrives early you’re all set. It also gives the room time to air and the paint fumes to disappear.

  1. Plan Your Space

Always measure your space and sketch out a rough layout first. Consider where you place items such as shelves – as the wrong placing may result in an accident if something falls.

  1. Fuss Free Furniture

A wardrobe, chest of drawers and cot are all essential for your baby’s nursery, so save yourself a few pennies by buying a furniture set rather than the items individually. Try to look for longevity in the items you pick, for example choose a cot bed over a cot. Or if your nursery is small, look for smart, space saving solutions such as a chest of drawers that can also be used as a changing table, or ditch the wardrobe in favour of a two-piece set.

  1. Growing Space

When decorating your nursery think about what will last. As your child grows, their taste will develop and you don’t want to be redecorating every 5 minutes. Instead, paint your room a neutral colour and decorate the walls with vinyl stickers that can be changed as your child grows up. Don’t forget to opt for a safe, durable and washable paint to make cleaning a little easier when your child gets artsy!

  1. Extra Attention

For the first six months, your baby should sleep in the same room as you, so don’t forget to give your bedroom the TLC it needs in preparation for baby’s arrival. Do you have room next to your bed for a crib or moses basket? As your baby grows and starts to crawl, you will also need to make the rest of your home a safe environment for them to explore.

  1. Colour Contrast

Babies love simple monochrome colours and shapes. They respond particularly well to high contrasting colours such as black and white, so take this into consideration when picking a colour scheme for your nursery and when choosing toys.

  1. Perfect Positioning

Babies are less able to control their temperature so avoid placing the cot near a radiator, a window or in a sunny position. The ideal temperature for the room in which your baby sleeps is between 16 and 20ºC, so consider purchasing a room thermometer as some rooms in your home may be warmer/colder than others.

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