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Roll Up, Roll Up! Ringside Tickets to Watch Josie Cunningham’s Birth

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No stranger to controversy, glamour model Josie Cunningham’s decision to charge strangers to watch the birth of her son has sparked nationwide outrage. Inspirational Parent Claire Young wades into the debate…

As an entrepreneur I applaud anyone who goes out there in life proactivity to grab opportunities. As they say nothing ventured, nothing gained! I do believe that there is a line though between your work and personal life. At some point you have to close the door on making money to protect a part of you and your family.

Some ‘celebrities’ these days actually have no job, or career, to name other than discussing their intimate details.  As gossip magazines and the tabloids feed these type of stories – so that their readers will gasp in horror as they read – boundaries are becoming further & further pushed.

A typical example of this is Josie Cunningham.  The lady who hit the headlines for allegedly sleeping with Wayne Rooney whilst his wife, Colleen, was pregnant with their first child. Next, the glamour model spoke openly about how the cash strapped NHS funding her boob job which she desperately needed. Earlier this year she admitted that she had considered an abortion of her second pregnancy so that she could participate on the reality TV show ‘Big Brother’. She is quickly becoming the controversial modern day pantomime baddy which people love to hate!

This week she released details of a once in a lifetime opportunity  for her superfans, 5 tickets on sale to watch her give birth to her baby boy. The tickets were sold within 14 minutes, netting her a whopping £30,000.

Some may say that she is a smart lady earning an income for her child to be put away for the future. Yet I feel really sorry for her. The media keep rewarding her behaviour by placing her on their front covers and it appears that she has lost all sense of what is socially acceptable. For anyone who has given birth I think most would say it is a private affair and not an occasion you would want to share with strangers.  Will there be space in there for everyone? Is an NHS birthing suite an acceptable place for journalists to be covering a story? I think not.

If you wish to ‘sell’ yourself to the media I believe as an adult it is your choice how you conduct yourself. I feel deeply uncomfortable that babies are involved in Josie’s latest shock antics. They are vulnerable and it is her job as a mother to protect them – not put a £ sign on their head to the media. Newborn life is surely priceless?

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  1. Why would I want to watch that tart give birth,it was only a few months back that she wanted to abort it. She doesn’t deserve to become a mum.maybe they should take the baby away from her as soon as she has it.

    Gina brown

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