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Why the Hate for Eva Mendes?

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Never has a pregnancy announcement been met with so many tears – and they’re not happy ones. What’s happened to the sisterhood, asks Anna Wharton?

When rumours started to spread that Eva Mendes was a whole seven months pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby, women across the world reached for the Kleenex.

The A-list couple reportedly started dating when they played parents in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines.’ And despite the on/off nature of their relationships should it come as that much of a shock that these two beautiful people might actually want to settle down and pro-create?

Apparently so, if the twitter meltdowns are anything to go by.

@HaiAnhDinh wrote: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are apparently having a baby together and my heart and uterus are crying ALL OF THE TEARS

@yeahitsmejenna responded with more tears: …if you need me, I’ll be crying under my desk with a bag of Cheetos.

@AislinnOT tried to disguise her heartbreak at least: Eva Mendes is 7 months pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. Delighted for them!! *bawls*.

But in my mind Eva Mendes deserves a medal, and not just for getting herself impregnated with one of the hottest men on earth. Most importantly, she hid her pregnancy for SEVEN months. How did she do it?

I think I probably started telling people before seven weeks, and let’s face it, I’m not followed round by paparazzi all day.

Where are her swollen ankles? What about her face green from morning sickness? And obviously, most importantly the bump itself?

But the other thing is of course, I find this all a little sad. I mean, I’m sure she can get over the reactions from jealous super-fans, but aren’t we meant to celebrate all pregnancies – and allow a woman to celebrate her own?

She should have been able to wear her bump with pride, and though while I do respect that it was probably her decision to keep her pregnancy private, should she have had to go to such extreme methods to avoid the camera’s long lens?

I’m sure in secret, in the comfort of her own house, she’s been rubbing her tummy with Bio-Oil and enjoying every kick and squirm, but can you imagine the anxiety of having to cover up every time you leave the house (particularly in the LA sunshine), or worry you’ll get spotted on the way to an antenatal appointment?

All these months she should have been the poster girl for women 40 and over who are trying to get pregnant, instead she knew she’d be faced with scrutiny and speculation rather than being able to relax and enjoy those nine months that go so quickly.

So she made the decision to keep her private life private. Which seems a shame to me when she should have just been focusing on blooming.

So girls, I have to say, you might be heartbroken that Ryan Gosling isn’t the father of your baby, but pity poor Eva. At least you can wear your bump with pride.

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  1. Anna I cannot believe how narrow minded this article is, there could be a number of reasons she didn’t declare her pregnancy early (week seven for you!!), all of which do not deserve a slating from you!

    You have no idea what she went through before this pregnancy, she may have had problems with previous pregnancies so wanted to wait to ensure that her heartache wasn’t splashed all over the media if something was to happen again. Having experience of this I kept my pregnancy with my first son private for as long as possible – it doesn’t matter how far along you are you still worry until the day your baby is born!

    I cannot understand why you find “this all a little sad”, I’m sure the fact that she kept it under wraps didn’t mean she wasn’t celebrating her pregnancy with her nearest and dearest. Also maybe for you those nine months went so quickly but not for everyone.

    If anyone has hate for her it seems you are first in line! And as for your words “pity poor Eva” jealously is not pretty!

    • I agree with you Jodie, how dare people claim this pregnancy as their own? If she wanted to keep it private and she managed to do so for 7 months then good for her. At least she didn’t parade it around using it to gain publicity like so many others.

    • I think your over reacting here.. It’s an article and I’m sure She meant no harm in it.
      I’ve been through the same, and yes you do worry all through pregnancy but you shouldn’t be getting so upset, just seems like your picking at something that’s not there.

  2. Hi there Jodie, lovely to hear your comments and I’m so pleased this piece has got you talking! (that’s what I’m here for after all!)
    I don’t think that it’s jealousy that drove me to write that we should pity Eva (am I the only woman in the world who doesn’t fancy Ryan Gosling: discuss) but just that the rest of us usually feel quite proud to be out and about, showing off our bump, enjoying being able to reach down and give it a little stroke every now and then. While she may have been able to do that in the comfort of her own home, I just think that it’s a shame that she might have to have been mindful doing that out in public – do you not think? I don’t think any woman should have to hide their pregnancy to avoid anyone’s gaze, the media or otherwise. And I most definitely think we should celebrate pregnancy – particularly at 40 when so many other women are looking to older mums for hope and would love to have more success stories in the public eye – rather than just moan on twitter that Ryan Gosling is off the market!
    Am so pleased you took the time to comment though – we love a debate!

  3. I agree with this article, it is sad if she felt for any reason that she had to hide her pregnancy. Every time one of those spunky sperm manage to make it it should be celebrated. She’s missed out on so much love, for whatever reason. I don’t care why she had to hide it, after all she’s not my loved one but it is nice to see how wonderfully you’re treated by everyone you come in to contact with when you’re pregnant.

    I don’t think pregnant celebs ‘parade’ their pregnancies except for the small minority, the others are just getting on with their lives while getting papped.

    P•S I don’t fancy Ryan either

    • Hi Rae, thanks so much for joining the debate. Love your “spunky sperm” statement – inspired! We’re absolutely with you on celebrating pregnancy – it IS the miracle of life after all.

  4. Only the people who needed to know knew i was pregnant as for everyone else they found out when i was ready which was when i was almost 6months pregnant. I had a hard pregnancy including being told my baby probably wouldnt make it when i was 7weeks and 22weeks pregnant. So yes i kept my precious to myself so i could enjoy her. Im glad to say she is 100% healthy and is TWO years next week!!! But yes i think its out of order to judge people on situations you have no idea about… That is all.

  5. My pregnancy with my son was very stressful and we almost lost him more than once, if we are lucky enough to get pregnant again I would be discrete about it for as long as possible – actually I waited until 5m last time too. It is harder to face the stress of a difficult pregnancy with scrutiny and for a celebrity that would be much more intense. Don’t judge people keeping a pregnant between the people who were directly involved in it

  6. Thanks Jay and Elli for your comments. ‘Judge not’ seems to be the recurrent theme coming through loud and clear. Great to have you involved in the debate.

  7. I just find it hysterical that she thinks covering up her bump is somehow protecting herself and the baby. It’s just making it even more profitable for the paps who finally get a picture of it. And when the baby is born, there’s going to be an absolute shit storm, so is she just not going to leave the house? Ridiculous

    • Lore that’s an interesting point of view that concealing it now is only going to make it harder in the long run. Thanks for sharing.


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