Helen Kendall

Kiddicare’s Inspirational Carer of the Year

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It’s our very great pleasure to announce the winner of our Inspirational Carer of the Year. Meet Helen Kendall, pictured on holiday with her daughter Libby.

Helen was nominated by her sister Sally Kendall.

“Helen is a single mother to 11 year old Libby. She is a foster carer. She is also profoundly deaf.

“She has provided a safe, loving and family environment for some of the most vulnerable children. She has helped provide them with a normal routine and stable family environment, something every child needs, and this has led to amazing results in their development.

“Although Helen struggles with some forms of communication, her children thrive in her care. She is amazing.”

What our judges said:

“Despite facing adversity and challenges in her own life, Helen has gone on to touch the lives of many children who have had difficult starts in life. To be able to change the future of others for the better is a truly inspiring thing to do.” Inspirational Parents ambassador Katie Piper

“A single mum and foster carer, Helen puts others before herself, even in challenging circumstances.” Inspirational Parents ambassador Sarah Storey

“Who says disability should hold you back? Not Helen. What an inspiration to us, and the children she raises.” Inspirational Parents ambassador Claire Young

Helen says:

“I was so shocked to hear I’d won a Kiddicare award – I didn’t know I’d been nominated. I’m not sure what Sally said about me; I just try and do the best by my children. If I do that, I’ve done well in life. Thank you to my amazing sister – another Inspirational Carer – for nominating me.”

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  1. A well deserved award for such an amazing person, well done Helen, keep on being awesome 🙂 x


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