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Katie Piper: Five Months a Mum

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In her second exclusive blog post for Kiddicare, inspirational parent Katie Piper describes her first five months of motherhood and talks puppy dog eyes, teething troubles and going back to work.

Katie writes:

It’s five months since Belle came into our lives and we now really feel like a complete family. We’re more confident with her now as we know her much better and have learnt to understand her. I think the feeling is mutual too, as she laughs and smiles at our voices and kicks her legs when Daddy walks in the door after work!

The best bits

Without question, the most rewarding thing is now knowing she recognises me too and that I can comfort her when she needs it. Feeling her respond to me is so special. It’s a relief to be able to distinguish a hungry cry from a tired cry and a ‘pick me up’ gurgle from a ‘my nappy smells’ gurgle. It would seem I’m officially fluent in baby speak!

Belle has changed so much physically in just five months. Her face doesn’t look like a newborn’s anymore! She has huge brown puppy dog eyes, a mischievous grin and a mop of curly dark hair! We take daily photos of our little girl and our home is now proudly covered in photos of Belle in various outfits sporting a cheeky grin on her face. She has also developed her own quirky personality – she is fearless and very inquisitive.

Belle can now confidently roll over and she does this at every given opportunity. I have to be really careful to watch her at all times as she is a real wiggly worm! Her favourite thing is light she will follow it round the room craning her neck! We got her a Sunny Safari Jumbo Playmat from Kiddicare which she loves. It has all different patterns and textures on it and sections that make different noises. If she rolls onto to one of those it really baffles her as to where the noise came from. It’s so funny and so cute to watch!

Sunny Safari playmat

Belle loving her Kiddicare Sunny Safari playmat

New milestones

It’s bittersweet watching her grow up and hitting new milestones. Three weeks ago we put her into her own room in her ‘big girl’s cot’. She seems to really like it in her own room as it has lots of colourful shapes and animals on the walls which we painted when I was pregnant. I sleep with a video monitor on my bedside table so I can still look at her in the night. We had a great two weeks after she first made the transition when she slept through the night, but then she started teething and we very much took a backwards step!

James and I are constantly shattered now. When we get an evening together we fall asleep by 9pm! We joke about it but are always excited the next morning when Belle wakes up at 5am and we see our little girl giggling in her cot waiting to be cuddled!

Teething is easily the worst thing we’ve had to deal with so far. Seeing her in pain makes me so upset. It’s really affected her sleeping pattern so I have had to get match sticks for my eyes again, especially as I’m now back at work and can’t always nap when Belle settles!

Being a working mum

Going back to work was very strange! It almost felt relaxing and easy compared to being a full time mum! I’ve started slowly, though. I’m back at work at The Katie Piper Foundation and I have some promotional work for my new book Beautiful Ever After which is out soon. I won’t start back to work with Channel 4 until September when we’ll be filming another series of Body Shockers.

Katie's first day back at work

Katie’s first day back at work

Belle starts her day (very) early, but that actually works great for me as I can get her up and ready. Then she’ll happily go back in her cot and look up at her mobile while I have a quick shower. My morning routine involves a lot less makeup and hair styling now! I try for a ‘glam mum on the go’ look. I fail regularly!

So far we have been so lucky that both of our families can help us out with childcare and Belle seems happy to hang out with her doting grandmas and aunties! I don’t know what we’d do without their help and support.

Looking to the future

There’s so much I’m looking forward to doing with Belle. We haven’t started weaning her yet; we’ll wait until she’s six months old, I think. She is getting curious about food, though, and keeps eyeing ours up at dinner time! I know it’ll be messy, but I can’t wait to see her try something new and develop even further – I wonder what she’ll like and dislike when it comes to food?

We’re also about to have our first family holiday abroad. I’m so excited. We’ve done loads of shopping so we have all eventualities covered, but we’ll be travelling anything but light. We’ve got a new lightweight stroller for convenience and have bought lots of swim kit for Belle. I’m sure she’s going to love the beach!

Ladybird Flo Sun Safe Suit by Lilly & Sid at Kiddicare

Ladybird Flo Sun Safe Suit by Lilly & Sid at Kiddicare

Quinny Zapp stroller

Belle’s Quinny Zapp stroller

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