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Nutmeg Love this

Favourites from the Nutmeg autumn collection

I was always worried that should I give birth to a little girl, I would be constantly broke after spending all my money buying her pretty dresses and sparkly things.  As it happens, there are so many wonderful boys clothes out there that it was inevitable my wardrobe would look bare whilst my children have clothes bursting from theirs.


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Poorly Boy Your stories

Two children, one hospital bed, four weeks

Being confined to a hospital cubicle for the best part of a month is not a situation I ever imagined myself in. I had no back-up plan for keeping an immobile toddler and a baby occupied and I certainly didn’t foresee spending the hottest month of the year inside.

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Bex and Archie Your stories

A different birth

There is nothing more unpredictable in this life than childbirth but with baby number two I finally got the waterbirth I’d longed for. Here’s my story.

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Bex Gower's hospital bag Your stories

Packing my hospital bag

One of the great milestones of late pregnancy is packing the hospital bags. Some do it early on and some wait until they are in labour (me first time round!)

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