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The best thing about pregnancy is…

Mum-of-two and social media supremo Carol outreached to the blogerati with the question “what’s the best thing about pregnancy?”


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Unsolicited parenting advice Love this

Gems of unsolicited parenting advice

“You don’t want to do it like that…”. Three little words. But oh my, the very definition of Ultimate Wind Up. Feisty blogger and lovely lady Carol dishes the dirt on ‘well meaning’ advice that’s about as welcome as projectile poo.

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Date night Love this

Do you do ‘Date Night’?

I often see friends on Facebook or Twitter mentioning date nights with their other halves.  Some go out for dinner and drinks and some stay in and have a movie night. It has made me realise that me and OH really need to start making some time for us. Read more

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Things I really miss about life before children

People who say their life won’t change after they have children are fooling themselves, sorry but its true! You now have a little person that rules your life; things will never be the same again. You learn to adapt and you become a different version of yourself which is not a bad thing.


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Baby number 2… things I’ll do differently

Little Miss is now 15 weeks old, when I was pregnant I thought about all the things I would differently the second time around. As a first time parent you make a lot of mistakes before you get it right and they are certainly a lot things I will do differently or at least try to!!

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