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Hairdressing horror Your stories

My top 5 parenting fails

Em who writes the awesome Snowing Indoors, deserves a hat tip for this hilarious post.


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Bucket List Your stories

Summer bucket list 2013

I am one of those annoying women you see on Pinterest or Facebook going on about their Summer bucket list. We did it last year and it was awesome. This year I tried to keep it quiet simple with a nice mix of free activities and ‘out of the house exciting’ ones.
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Resized-cribbscauseway_131 Love this

Let’s review… Kiddicare Cribbs Causeway

It’s official. I have found mine and Annie’s new favourite shop, the Kiddicare store at Cribbs Causeway, pull up a chair and let me tell you why…

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How to fight postnatal depression with a gratitude journal

I realise I might sound like a total hippy when I mention the term ‘gratitude journal’ but I’ve started one as part of my journey through post natal depression.

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z1_m_Award-just4bums--featured-image Help me choose

Let’s review… Just4Bums nappies

I was beyond amazed to discover I’d won a year’s supply of nappies from Kiddicare. What was even luckier is I was due to give birth to our second baby the following month and so the timing was perfect.


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darned-buggies--resized-for-blog Your stories

Darned buggies

I always felt a bit smug when I was pregnant and people would ask what double buggy we were going to get… ‘Oh no,’ I’d say, in my smuggest voice. ‘Annie will be two and a half; she’ll be more than old enough to walk everywhere, besides, you know how much energy she’s got. If she’s feeling tired then I’ll just put her in the buggy and carry Ezra in the sling,’ I’d boast.

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Playing with a cardboard box Your stories

#WIDN – 18 months old

A day in the life of Ez, a cheeky 18-month-old who never sits still…

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