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ADHD-part-3 Your stories

Part 3 of a journey into ADHD: prejudice

“When I was a kid they didn’t call it behavioural disorder. They called it being a little brat”. Rachel, whose son is diagnosed with a “behavioural disorder” responds….

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ADHD part 2 Your stories

Part 2 of a journey into ADHD: the medication

Rachel writes the second instalment of a three-part series charting her son Jake’s ADHD; a very honest and endearing account.

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Britax B Motion Help me choose

Let’s review…. Britax B-Motion pushchair

I’m a self-confessed pushchair addict. I’ve had a total of nine pushchairs (eight more than my husband would like me to have) and I can tell you the brand, make and colour of every one of them and what I did and didn’t like about them. I love pushchairs that are easy to put together, easy to push, fold and easy to store. That is why I completely fell in love with the Britax B Motion.

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Busy Lego box Know-how

Top tips for happy travels with kids

Sanity-saving tips and techniques for keeping little ones amused in the back seat. For five hours. On a trip to Cornwall.

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Fun free family activities Love this

Fab, fun & free family activities

Entertaining four children of different ages and all of whom need your attention and without spending a fortune can sometimes be a challenge, so here’s our pick of favourite tried-and-tested family activities and happily, none of which break the bank!

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