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Thinking about getting pregnant?

Ask a midwife: thinking about getting pregnant?

Welcome to the first of our new series of Ask a Midwife videos – straight-talking, sisterly advice from an amazing team of midwives who really know their stuff. Today Community Midwife Debi covers everything you should do – and not do! – to increase your chances of conceiving.

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Ask a midwife: what happens in labour & how to cope

Feeling a little apprehensive about baby’s arrival? Quite understandable. In our latest Ask A Midwife video, midwife Debi offers sisterly advice on exactly what happens to your body during labour as well as some great coping strategies. Be not afraid!

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One dad's breastfeeding journey Know-how

One dad’s breastfeeding journey

Breastfeeding from a dad’s perspective? Really? Yes. In the second in their series of personal interviews around breastfeeding, The Perfect Pair interview Paul and share an intriguing account of one dad’s journey.


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Tommy's Q&A Know-how, Love this

Q&A with Tommy’s baby charity

Our official charity partner is Tommy’s, the charity that helps save babies’ lives by supporting parents to have a healthy pregnancy. The midwives at Tommy’s PregnancyLine received over 4,000 calls and emails last year. Midwife manager Emma-Lees Laing shares some of the most frequently asked questions.

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How to trim your baby's nails

How to trim your baby’s nails

Make no mistake – those tiny fingernails are sharp! Your newborn’s flailing arms can easily result in a scratched face so be vigilant and trim weekly – if not more often – to keep on top of the growth.

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How to settle your baby to sleep Know-how

7 failsafe tips for settling your baby to sleep

Rebecca Welton is a mum of two, author of Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques and a qualified sleep practitioner. Is your little one keeping you up at night? Read on for for tips from a mum who’s been there (and – literally – written the book).


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Billy reindeer Know-how

Top tips for fab festive photos of your little ones

Photographer Charlotte Emily Gray has these top tips for gorgeous festive photos. Merry Christmas everyone!


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Second Skin maternity lingerie Help me choose, Know-how

The best nursing & maternity bras

This week The Perfect Pair turn their attention to maternity lingerie. Between them they’ve breastfed six babies so they know a thing or two about the bra game.

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Hand expressing

Ask a midwife: How to hand express

Mastering the art of hand expressing may seem tricky but midwife Roberta has all the advice and reassurance you need.


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Masterclass part 2 Know-how

Baby yoga masterclass part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our Baby Yoga Masterclass, covering arms and legs. Remember, Baby Yoga is about having fun with your baby while encouraging healthy brain development, co-ordination, relaxation and bonding time.

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