Meet our wonderful team of bloggers, an extension of our Kiddicare family. They’ve all been there and done it: leaky nipples, PND, 3am feeds, relentless nappy changes. They also know how brilliant being a parent is: the fun, the love, the completeness small people bring. They know the relief you’ll feel when you realise you’re not alone. Get to know the people behind our tips, advice, how tos and heartwarming stories.

Kip Kip Hakes lives in Essex with his wife Loz, and daughter G and son J - he's a working stay at home Dad and blogs at Known for his 'honest' writing style, Kip writes about family life, days out, technology, rants and raves and takes the odd photograph.
AK Originally from Bavaria, AK moved to the UK in 2005 to work as a nanny. What started as a two-year project living and working in another country changed completely when she met boyfriend "Mr. C." Now a permanent resident and mummy to little boy Finn, AK writes the brilliant blog My Buggy Junction!
Rachel G Mummy to four (two boys and two girls), Rachael blogs at Confessions of a SAHM about the day to day challenges of being a work-at-home-mum, so others find comfort that they’re not the only ones!
Carol Serial blogger (most often found at Parent Panel), coffee drinking, cupcake making mum of two girls with a huge passion for music.
Emma Emma lives in the West Midlands with her hubby, newborn son and a Westie. Her blog, Mrs Shilts, is the not-so-secret diary of a recently-turned-30 new mummy.
Dean Dad to three and all round lovely bloke, Dean is the UK's first male antenatal educator and founder of DaddyNatal, dedicated to empowering men to become better dads.
Kim Aged 24, Kim had her first baby. Well actually, she had her first, second and third baby all at once. She’s a proud mummy to identical triplet boys and blogs about all the fun and tantrums at The Triplet Diaries!
Lucy Lucy is mummy to a beautiful toddler boy and beautiful baby girl and writer of a Beautiful Blog. She loves sewing, baking, photography, singing in the car and the colour white.
Charlotte C Charlotte shares her life with her toddler, her husband and a whole herd of much loved animals including four dogs, a cat, a rabbit and two ducks. She loves to bake, which is where her blog name The Crumby Mummy comes from.
Paula Working mum Paula is mum to Kayleigh and Ethan. Her blog Mummy Vs Work documents the struggle to be a career girl and the best mum she can be, at the same time!
Lucy Miller Lucy is a certified pre and post-natal fitness expert specialising in nutrition and all things healthy. She's recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl.
Gayle Gayle is mum to one-year-old Heather with baby 2 on the way. Loves tea, distance running and firmly believes crafting is good for health. She shares creative tutorials and thrifty tips in her frugal lifestyle blog Make Thrift Love Life.
Anna Anna Wharton, mum to 21-month old Gracie, is a prominent parenting journo and prolific tweeter @whartonswords who says it how it is. New to the Kiddicare fold, she can also be found airing her forthright views in Grazia, The Times, Red mag and more. Love this lady.
Rachel B Semi-retired party girl Rachel is (mostly) wholeheartedly embracing her new life in the country with husband Adam, and two younglings, Arthur and Beatrix. A former ‘cookery sadist’, Rachel is now dedicated to creating simple, easy, wholesome recipes for other exhausted food loving parents over at her family food blog, Well Worn Whisk.