Meet our wonderful team of bloggers, an extension of our Kiddicare family. They've all been there and done it: leaky nipples, PND, 3am feeds, relentless nappy changes. They also know how brilliant being a parent is: the fun, the love, the completeness small people bring. They know the relief you'll feel when you realise you’re not alone. Get to know the people behind our tips, advice, how tos and heartwarming stories.


Jenny is a stay at home mum to two boys - Burton and Jenson. She blogs at Mummy Mishaps and enjoys cooking, when she gets a moment to herself.


Aged 24, Kim had her first baby. Well actually, she had her first, second and third baby all at once. She’s a proud mummy to identical triplet boys and blogs about all the fun and tantrums at The Triplet Diaries!

Rachel S

Rachel went to Switzerland for three years. She’s been there six…and counting. She blogs at Three Years and One Stone, Then Home. She hopes to return home to Wales with her family, including two little boys, this year.


Working mum Paula is mum to Kayleigh and Ethan. Her blog Mummy Vs Work documents the struggle to be a career girl and the best mum she can be, at the same time!


Charlie is The Mummy Blogger, but as well as a wife, friend, daughter, sister. But, mostly, she's a mum to toddler Addison-Marie. She leads a busy, chaotic and messy life, but is making a pretty good job of it!


On Clara Unravelled, Beans’ mummy writes about motherhood, mental health and crocheting. And everything else. Usually all at once.


Clare is mum to Emmy and Harry, as well as a part time nanny, wife to Paul and carer of Barney the dog. She blogs about it all and more at Emmy's Mummy.


Lucy is mummy to a beautiful toddler boy and beautiful baby girl and writer of a Beautiful Blog. She loves sewing, baking, photography, singing in the car and the colour white.

Stay at home mummy to three, stepmum to one, writer of Mummy Matters. In her 'spare time' she loves crafts, shopping, music and catching up with friends.


Katie loves Diet Coke, giant chocolate buttons and photography (which you can see lots of at Mummy, Daddy and Me). Oh, and of course her two Little Ladies, as well as hubby, Mr E. Not necessarily in that order.


Mum to two tiny monsters. Photographer. Awesome blanket fort maker. Artist of anything daughter requests (though these drawings will not always be recognised by anyone over 3). Blogger at Snowing Indoors.


Becky writes about Baby Budgeting and Family Budgeting and tweets from @familybudgeting. She is the author of How to Afford Time Off with Your Baby (Vermilion 2009) and eBook 100 Easy Ways to be a Thrifty Family. And she's a mum. Phew.


Emma lives in the West Midlands with her hubby, newborn son and a Westie. Her blog, Mrs Shilts, is the not-so-secret diary of a recently-turned-30 new mummy.


Karin Joyce is mum to Ella and Sam, and wife to Mark. Karin blogs about their family adventures at Cafe Bebe and is a freelance writer and social media consultant. The family live near Peterbrough, although she's originally from Wisconsin, USA.


Zoe Corkhill lives with her husband James, dog Homily, and two little girls - two-year-old Georgiana and baby Lydia. Her blog, Mama Geek is all about her journey through the wonderful world of motherhood.


Chloe lives with her partner Sam, toddler Arlo, and a newborn. Arlo wasn’t planned but Rory was; they're both much loved. Chloe blogs about family life, childcare costs, budgeting and the mess at Sorry About the Mess.


Mum to 2 inspiring children, Hayley runs Sole Nutrition and is passionate about nurturing families naturally with reflexology, massage and yoga. Her courses are available at our Kiddicare Nottingham store.

Emily is a stay-at-home-mum to two small, bossy people. She loves drinking tea, baking cakes and making lists. She strives to be a good mother and domestic goddess, maintaining her her brain by writing it all down at Mummy Limited.


Pastel loving, vintage wearing, creative mummy to two, Carly blogs at Mummy's Shoes.

Charlotte C

Charlotte shares her life with her toddler, her husband and a whole herd of much loved animals including four dogs, a cat, a rabbit and two ducks. She loves to bake, which is where her blog name The Crumby Mummy comes from.


Mummy to Beastie and Munchkin. Lover of pushchairs. All Hart, after I proposed to my girls’ daddy. I’m now trying my hand at wedding planning, as well as being a mum. Read about it all at Hart of the Munchkin Patch


Serial blogger (most often found at Parent Panel), coffee drinking, cupcake making mum of two girls with a huge passion for music.

Charlotte Emily

Charlotte is a mum to baby Iris. She runs Emily Gray Photography, specialising in newborn, baby, children and family photography. She's full of tips of how to capture the special moments.


Star of our Mum Inventor series, Keira also runs Mama Designs Ltd. which makes innovative products for babies, inspired by her own children, that make parents' lives easier. We hope you find them useful.


Stephanie is a degree qualified nutritional therapist who has a passion for promoting health, she runs Nourish to Flourish, a website offering lots of useful tips. Stephanie is also a mum of two young children.


Bex is a full time mum to Dylan and Archie, lives in Kent and writes a lovely blog called The Mummy Adventure. Her high heels obsession has turned into a cloth nappy and pushchair one.

The Perfect Pair

Sarah & Vikki, aka "The Perfect Pair", have six children between them and work in our Hedge End superstore. In their spare time they volunteer as NHS breastfeeding support workers. Power mums you could say.

Daddy G

Daddy G is a creative bod here at Kiddicare. He's married to the lovely Becci and they're pregnant with their first child. He writes The Daddy Diaries, an honest, from-the-heart account of his dad-to-be adventure.


40-something first-time mum who occasionally lies to her daughter, H, because sometimes it’s just easier. She knows that makes her The Adequate Parent. As well as blogging, Jo loves Marmite jars and music.

Rachel G

Mummy to four (two boys and two girls), Rachael blogs at Confessions of a SAHM about the day to day challenges of being a work-at-home-mum, so others find comfort that they’re not the only ones!

Helen G

Pocket rocket. Finds farts funny. Cloth nappy obsessed. Will tackle anything head on. Survivor. Mum of a toddler boy and brand new baby girl. Blogger at Petit Mom.


AKA This Mummy started off blogging about how uncomfortable her first pregnancy was. She survived, did it all again, and now has two gorgeous girls. Her blog now covers everything from crafts to cooking and breastfeeding to home ed.


John is a former didgeridoo craftsman and SAHD (Stay At Home Dad) to two children. He writes the excellent DadBlogUK and is passionate about highlighting the gender barriers men face as parents.


Kelly is full time mummy to Tia and writes about it over at Tiasmum12. When she's not busy baking cakes and entertaining her daughter, she's normally found tweeting. An ex high heel wearer, she's swapped clutch bags for changing bags and loves it!


Dad to three and all round lovely bloke, Dean is the UK's first male antenatal educator and founder of DaddyNatal, dedicated to empowering men to become better dads.


Originally from Bavaria, AK moved to the UK in 2005 to work as a nanny. What started as a two-year project living and working in another country changed completely when she met boyfriend "Mr. C." Now a permanent resident and mummy to little boy Finn, AK writes the brilliant blog My Buggy Junction!


Kip Hakes lives in Essex with his wife Loz, and daughter G and son J - he's a working stay at home Dad and blogs at Known for his 'honest' writing style, Kip writes about family life, days out, technology, rants and raves and takes the odd photograph.


Mum of three to Grayson, Addison and Deacon, Innocent Charms Chats is a parenting force and all-round lovely lady. Adores all things vintagey-kitsch and LOVES changing her hair colour - one minute blonde, one minute blue... go Kara!