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Top 10 products to help babies sleep

It’s 3am but your little one reckons it’s party time. Sleep deprivation… oh cruel torture! Now we can’t promise 12 hours of instant shut-eye, but we can suggest ten customer favourites for sleepytime success.

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How to settle your baby to sleep Know-how

7 failsafe tips for settling your baby to sleep

Rebecca Welton is a mum of two, author of Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques and a qualified sleep practitioner. Is your little one keeping you up at night? Read on for for tips from a mum who’s been there (and – literally – written the book).


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Introducing inspirational parent Dame Sarah Storey

Meet Sarah: mum to seven month-old Louisa, she’s also quite handy on a bike, in fact she’s Britain’s most decorated female Paralympian having scooped a stunning total of 11 gold medals, four at the London Paralympics in 2012. Not many women combine training for Rio 2016 with breastfeeding. Sarah does…

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Fatherhood Your stories

10 ways fatherhood has changed me for the better

DadblogUK writes from the heart. And wears his heart on his sleeve. We suspect we’re mixing our metaphors, but you get the gist. In this insightful post he shares how becoming a dad has made him the man he is today.

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Mrs Shilts' weight loss Your stories

How one mum lost 5 stone. Wow!

Before Mrs Shilts fell pregnant with Little Mr she lost 5 stone. Post-baby she’s back on her weight loss mission. She tells us how…

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Hairdressing horror Your stories

My top 5 parenting fails

Em who writes the awesome Snowing Indoors, deserves a hat tip for this hilarious post.


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Billy reindeer Know-how

Top tips for fab festive photos of your little ones

Photographer Charlotte Emily Gray has these top tips for gorgeous festive photos. Merry Christmas everyone!


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Christmas Elf Your stories

Celebrating our baby’s first Christmas

Last year they were two (and a Westie). This year there’s an extra little person to share the celebrations. A truly lovely, from-the-heart Christmas post by Emma, who writes the excellent Mrs Shilts blog. Enjoy…


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Playmat Help me choose

Top 10 toys for babies & toddlers

“Dear Santa… I’ve been really good this year…” We asked two of our favourite Kiddicare bloggers Chloe and Laurenne to put together their little ones’ Christmassy wishlists.


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Unsolicited parenting advice Love this

Gems of unsolicited parenting advice

“You don’t want to do it like that…”. Three little words. But oh my, the very definition of Ultimate Wind Up. Feisty blogger and lovely lady Carol dishes the dirt on ‘well meaning’ advice that’s about as welcome as projectile poo.

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