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Ask a midwife: what happens in labour & how to cope

Feeling a little apprehensive about baby’s arrival? Quite understandable. In our latest Ask A Midwife video, midwife Debi offers sisterly advice on exactly what happens to your body during labour as well as some great coping strategies. Be not afraid!

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6 classic mistakes dads make in the delivery room Love this

3 classic mistakes dads make in the delivery room

Must-read advice from the founder of DaddyNatal on what NOT to say – or do – while your partner is birthing. NB some of these quotes are priceless!


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Longest labour ever Your stories

The longest labour ever

My experience with the birth of my first son was a breeze, not requiring any pain relief and only needing ventouse assistance for the final push to get him out. My second birth experience was very different, but still positive. This is how it went…

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Bex and Archie Your stories

A different birth

There is nothing more unpredictable in this life than childbirth but with baby number two I finally got the waterbirth I’d longed for. Here’s my story.

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Bex Gower's hospital bag Your stories

Packing my hospital bag

One of the great milestones of late pregnancy is packing the hospital bags. Some do it early on and some wait until they are in labour (me first time round!)

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Giving birth – a tale of three labours

Labour – it’s not really something you would class as fun or funny, but once time has passed you can look back on it with fresh eyes and see how some of it is really quite amusing.

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