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Changing a nappy

How to change your baby’s nappy

Changing a baby’s nappy for the first few times can be a little daunting – particularly if it’s of the nuclear kind. Our midwives show us how…

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How to dress baby

How to dress your baby

Dressing and undressing a wriggly newborn can be tricky at first but our lovely midwives at Peterborough and Stamford NHS Hospital Trust show us how.

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Fatherhood Your stories

10 ways fatherhood has changed me for the better

DadblogUK writes from the heart. And wears his heart on his sleeve. We suspect we’re mixing our metaphors, but you get the gist. In this insightful post he shares how becoming a dad has made him the man he is today.

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Making the decision Your stories

Making the decision. One baby or two…?

DadblogUK shares an incredibly honest and thought-provoking post about deciding whether to have another child…

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Beginner's guide to baby wheels

Beginner’s video guide to pushchairs & baby wheels

Granted… baby wheels can be a bit confusing. Would a pushchair be right for you? Or maybe a pram? Before you start your search check out this handy video with the lowdown on everything from basic buggy to all-singing travel system.

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Grayson in the incubator Your stories

Born with a disability. Part 1.

Blogger Kara of Innocent Charms Chats tells the first part of her brave story…


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Billy reindeer Know-how

Top tips for fab festive photos of your little ones

Photographer Charlotte Emily Gray has these top tips for gorgeous festive photos. Merry Christmas everyone!


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Hand expressing

Ask a midwife: How to hand express

Mastering the art of hand expressing may seem tricky but midwife Roberta has all the advice and reassurance you need.


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Unsolicited parenting advice Love this

Gems of unsolicited parenting advice

“You don’t want to do it like that…”. Three little words. But oh my, the very definition of Ultimate Wind Up. Feisty blogger and lovely lady Carol dishes the dirt on ‘well meaning’ advice that’s about as welcome as projectile poo.

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IMAGE 1 Your stories

Mummy proposed to Daddy Part 2

My name is Munchkin, and a while ago I shared some very exciting news with you here on the Kiddicare Blog. Earlier this year, my mummy asked my daddy to marry her. Not the normal way of doing things, maybe, but it was very special and both me and my little sister, Beastie Boo, were heavily involved in the whole plan!

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