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I Love You But You Always Put Me Last

Andrew G. Marshall is a marital expert who knows a thing or two about making relationships work. Here he reveals the five secrets to a happy relationship and in his previous post dispels five parenting myths that could be ruining your happiness. Read on for your chance to win one of five copies of his brand new relationship manual I Love You But You Always Put Me Last.

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Five parenting myths that could be killing your relationship

There’s no doubt that having a baby can put a real strain on your relationship with your partner; even the most rock solid of unions can wobble under the pressure of a tiny new arrival. So we asked you to submit your relationship concerns to Andrew G. Marshall, marital expert and author of I Love You But You Always Put Me Last. Here’s what he had to say…

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Do you do ‘Date Night’?

I often see friends on Facebook or Twitter mentioning date nights with their other halves.  Some go out for dinner and drinks and some stay in and have a movie night. It has made me realise that me and OH really need to start making some time for us. Read more