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Part 3: sleep for new babies infographic

In the third and final instalment of our trilogy of sleep infographics, we turn our attention to sleep for new babies. A big thank you to all the mums, dads, midwives, sleep specialists and babies(!) who’ve provided the insight and stats for this unique project.

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Part 2: sleep for new mums

Our trilogy of sleep infographics continues. We’ve outreached to midwives, mums, dads and sleep specialists to compile the facts and figures for this intriguing project. Last week we looked at how pregnancy affects sleep, now we turn our attention to new mums…


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Part 1: pregnancy sleep

Now we know that sleep – or lack of! – can be torturous in those early days. So we spoke to mums, dads, midwives and specialist sleep consultants to help us compile a trilogy of sleep infographics. This is the first in the series and the results are intriguing…


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Top 10 products to help babies sleep

It’s 3am but your little one reckons it’s party time. Sleep deprivation… oh cruel torture! Now we can’t promise 12 hours of instant shut-eye, but we can suggest ten customer favourites for sleepytime success.

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How babies sleep: the infographic

We love a good infographic, we do. So when we happened upon this one we wanted to share. It’s got some great little nuggets of info; take heart if you’re regularly up with your baby at 5.30am… you’re obviously not alone!

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