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Lace crowns ta dah! Love this

Let’s make… a lace crown

Hurrah! Prince George of Cambridge is here at last! But it isn’t just royal babies that deserve a crown – every little prince (and princess) should have one too. Got a spare couple of hours and some pretty lace? Great. Let’s do it!

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1jfyVgxIqkyZDHl88aE7TV9xDdClqXZqWym21kiiS1I-(resized-for-blog)- Love this

Let’s make… doily babygros

Fancy creating a one-of-a-kind babygro? All it takes is a doily, some fabric dye and a spare afternoon. Here’s how…

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Glorious bunting Love this

Let’s make… easy peasy bunting

Got a sewing machine? And a spare afternoon? Great, get some tunes on, grab a cuppa and let’s get started!

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