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Jack Monroe Love this

Meet inspiratoinal parent Jack Monroe

Jack Monroe is a force to be reckoned with; a cash-strapped single mum from Southend whose thrifty food blog A Girl Called Jack is so successful that food banks now hand out her 8p-a-head recipes. Hers is an incredible story….


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Top 10 products to help babies sleep

It’s 3am but your little one reckons it’s party time. Sleep deprivation… oh cruel torture! Now we can’t promise 12 hours of instant shut-eye, but we can suggest ten customer favourites for sleepytime success.

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ADHD-part-3 Your stories

Part 3 of a journey into ADHD: prejudice

“When I was a kid they didn’t call it behavioural disorder. They called it being a little brat”. Rachel, whose son is diagnosed with a “behavioural disorder” responds….

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Blog580x642claire Love this

Introducing Inspirational Parent Claire Young

Say hello to Claire. Mum to the gorgeous Eva aged 2, single parent, Apprentice finalist, entrepreneur, businesswoman, public speaker, and ardent campaigner for young people to get involved with enterprise. A woman with incredible energy and vision, meet Claire.


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Hannah Your stories

Meet Hannah & make your post-baby career happen

Combining motherhood with work is easy. Said no one ever. Meet Hannah… mum of two, lovely lady and co-founder of the Talented Ladies Club, a website dedicated to helping women realise their post-baby career ambitions.


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ADHD part 2 Your stories

Part 2 of a journey into ADHD: the medication

Rachel writes the second instalment of a three-part series charting her son Jake’s ADHD; a very honest and endearing account.

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Triplets Your stories

Christmas with triplets!

So it’s nearly Christmas and I cannot believe that I am the proud owner of three nearly two year olds. My little babies are a distant memory and they are now boisterous little boys, full of fun, defiance and excitement.


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Christmas Elf Your stories

Celebrating our baby’s first Christmas

Last year they were two (and a Westie). This year there’s an extra little person to share the celebrations. A truly lovely, from-the-heart Christmas post by Emma, who writes the excellent Mrs Shilts blog. Enjoy…


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Playmat Help me choose

Top 10 toys for babies & toddlers

“Dear Santa… I’ve been really good this year…” We asked two of our favourite Kiddicare bloggers Chloe and Laurenne to put together their little ones’ Christmassy wishlists.


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ADHD Your stories

Part 1 of a journey into ADHD: the diagnosis

“From the outside my eldest son looks like any other 8 year old boy. What you cannot see are the labels that have been attached to him: Disabled. Special Needs. Autistic.” Over a series of three posts Rachel will be sharing an unflinching journey into ADHD.


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