Newborn Need-to-Know: Dressing Baby

You’re so excited about finally getting to dress your newborn in all those super-cute clothes, but the reality of squeezing little arms and legs into a sleepsuit can be daunting. Just remember, babies are tougher than they look, and you’ll soon get the hang of it when you’re doing multiple changes throughout the day! Here are some tips to help you get started…

Dressing up

Where to dress The easiest and safest place to dress your newborn is on the floor on a changing mat or blanket, which will be nice and soft for your baby’s head.

Make it fun Try singing or chatting as you put on each item, so that your baby begins to see getting dressed as a fun experience.

Easy features Buy outfits with envelope necks, which are easy to get over your baby’s head. Scrunch the vest up and stretch the neck so that you can ease it over the head in one go and avoid the face. Because envelope necks are wider than round necks, they also allow you to dress baby feet-first if that’s easier.

All arms and legs Reach through sleeves to find wiggly fingers and gently draw them through. Likewise, feel through scrunched-up leg holes for your little one’s feet and help guide them out.

Babies like layers

To keep your little one comfortable all year round, it’s best to dress them in the same number of layers you’re wearing yourself, plus one. The extra layer can be a blanket, pushchair’s raincover or just a cardie, depending on the weather. Layering clothes lets you manage your baby’s temperature better because they’re easy to add or remove as needed – going from indoors to outside, for example. A quick and easy way of seeing if your baby is too hot is to feel the back of their neck.

For an idea of the clothes your baby needs, check out our illustrated guide.

“What I wish I’d known…”

“It sounds silly, but I should have realised my baby would need two coats – a snowsuit for when we were going for walks in chilly weather, and a regular-style coat for shopping. A snowsuit is simply too hot when you go inside, whereas a coat can be opened up easily. It’s also much less of a performance when it comes to nappy changes.” Tandi, mum to Jordan

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