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Looking After Yourself

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We want to encourage new mums to celebrate what their body has achieved during pregnancy.  Once your newborn arrives, there’s so much to think about – feeding routines, bath times, and sleeping schedules. It’s no surprise that many new mums feel run down, and too busy to bounce straight back to exercise – but 67% still feel negative about their post-baby body, with 64% of you saying you feel pressure to ‘bounce back’ to your former shape shortly after giving birth. It takes 9 months for your body to grow a baby, and it’s not unusual for it to take about 9 months (depending on what kind of birth you’ve had) to change back to your pre-birth shape.

We want to raise awareness of the health benefits of postnatal fitness and the key role it can have in preventing long-term problems. As a new mum, it is so important to look after yourself, as well as your family. So we’re offering down-to-earth advice on safe, and effective, exercise to help you feel body-confident again!

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about getting fighting fit and eating right. We’re here to help, so just send us an email with your questions on socialmedia@kiddicare.com

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Looking After Yourself Video Series:

We know it can feel like there’s not enough expert advice on exercising after pregnancy without feeling like you have to rush into things, so we’re working with pre- and post-natal consultant Margarita Bennett to give you a realistic guide to getting fighting fit after giving birth. Check out our video series:

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2. Why Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness is Important

3. New Mum Fitness: Post-Baby Body Image

4. Common Conditions Caused by Lack of Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise: Part 1

5. Common Conditions Caused by Lack of Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise: Part 2

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